Laser tattoo removal results: After 3 sessions here’s the progress on removing this tattoo. 

Tattoo removal can be very effective and here are just a few examples of what our laser removal system can do. At Skin Design, we take great pride in the art of tattoos. Whether it be color portraits or bng, tattoo removal or cover ups, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Laser tattoo removal can be used to remove a tattoo in its entirety, or it can be used to fade an existing tattoo in order to get a better cover up. Of course, the age of your tattoo, the type of ink used, the colors of the ink used, all play a major factor in removing an old or unwanted tattoo but the professionals at Skin Design can guide you in the right direction with all the information you need.


To the left is a 10 year old tattoo, and to the right, is the result after 3 laser tattoo removal sessions.

About Skin Design Tattoo Removal:

Skin Design Tattoo Removal is the premier tattoo removal center in Las Vegas. As always, we appreciate the trust that each of our customers offer when they trust us with their skin, and we’re both blessed and humbled.  At Skin Design, we strive to provide each of our customers with the highest quality of services at affordable rates. Our skilled and compassionate team delivers exceptional state-of-the-art care using the most advanced treatments and technologies in a friendly and intimate environment.

In addition, our expert staff is trained to resolve your many skin concerns so if you’re got questions we’ve definitely got the answers. In the end, our goal is for you to leave our clinic feeling educated, refreshed, and comfortable about your choices so please feel to contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.




An old tattoo is sure to change. Whether it fades, gets dated in style, or simply lacks the luster it once had, you can always opt to have them zapped through laser removal, or simply have them revamped, remixed or touch up.

This was exactly the case with Jennifer, a client who came in with a 21 year old hummingbird tattoo that she wanted touched up and modified. After consulting with resident artist Andy Pho – a specialist in tattoo revamps, restoration and cover ups – she decided to get the bird touched up while adding a few new elements and the outcome was great.

As of late, Andy has earned a reputation as the go to guy in Vegas for getting older tattoos touched up or covered up and it’s with good reason. His attention to detail, and creative suggestions, gives clients more options than they thought they had so if you’re ever considering touching up an older piece than drop by or email us for a free consultation.


How are you going to look when you get old? Imagine how you’re going to look when get married or wear a dress? These are all questions that have been posed to any woman who has a tattoo (or contemplating getting one) and the answer is simple, you’ll look bad ass.


Image courtesy of Crystal Stokes / Via

As a woman with tattoos I know how this feels. A decade ago when tattoos weren’t as accepted I’d hear similar questions but now that time has passed it’s becoming a lot less frequent. On another note, a tattoo is much like the shoes and clothes we wear as each they’re merely accessories which help define our style. In the same breath, tattoos are far more unique because they share a part of our soul and tell a story about moments in our lives.


mage courtesy of Fifteen Photography /


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To further prove the point, take a look at these beautiful women who were captured during their weddings. They’re beautiful, powerful and breathtaking, so the next time some asks how you’ll look you can just smile and confidently reply, “Pretty bad ass.”


Image courtesy of Erin Jean Photography /


Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

After scoping out these pictures it’s clearly evident that the tattoos on these brides add an element of interest and mystique to each of them. The tattoos are body ornaments that help enhance the beauty they already possess, and it gives them character and charm which is unmatched along with an unbridled feeling of emotion which is contagious.


Image courtesy of Feather Love Photography / Via

By contributing writer Jenny V: A tattooed writer whose work has appeared in some of your favorite women’s magazine. She’s also a retired medical professional who left the world of money and medicine to settle down happily with her three cats in Hollywood Hills. 


Much like tattoos, the removal of one is equally an art. You have to be familiar with the machine, make sure that it’s properly calibrated, all the while understanding how it works in relation to the colors in the piece you are trying to remove. It is important to remember that different inks, and ink colors in your piece, respond differently to laser treatment. This is where our experience in tattoo removal comes into play. Since we’re one of the leading purveyors of inked art in Vegas, we understand the application of ink, whereas “laser removal only” facilities, know just the basic principles – there is a big difference.

The premiere laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas!

The premiere laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas!

At Skin Design, we pride ourselves in being the best when it comes to tattoo removal in Las Vegas. Located just a few miles from the Strip, our state of the art facility is housed within one of the leading ink parlors in the area. With years of extensive experience, and a friendly staff, Skin Design is your one stop shop that is here to educate you about the process of this procedure.

Part of our process for removal includes:

– Educating the customer about the procedure. Each client is provided with an estimate as to how many sessions it should take to completely remove a specific piece.

– We also provide follow ups and create a schedule of treatments based on skin color, tattoo color as well as the recovery speed of each patient.

Feel free to stop on by or give us a call when you’re ready to refresh your canvas. The use of lasers for unwanted pieces has been the most effective way of removing them. Regardless if you want to remove a mistake, erase the memories of a drunken nights decision, or simply want to make more room on your canvas, please feel free to drop on by with any questions and we’ll gladly help!


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