Love him or hate him, the man is doing something right. P Diddy is already worth an estimated 700 million dollars, and as he pushes for that billion dollar mark there’s no stopping the former talent agent. So as the first week of the New Year comes to a close, this video he released comes in good timing because if this doesn’t motivate you to get off up off your ass, then check your pulse…you might be dead.

There’s something in this world that you want so work for it. Whether it be the pursuit of money, happiness or health, you have to have your goals clearly defined and have tunnel vision till you get it. Life really is that simple. If you don’t like your job…quit. Think you can do it better? Then do it. All the answers you ever wanted are inside of you but it takes committed daily action to get there. So stop complaining, be passionate about what you do and make it happen.