When a man in Nebraska shot his ex-girlfriend, he ended up marring her tattoo which once read, ““Happiness is a warm gun”. Well now that all the proceedings have finished he was ordered by the court to pay $100,000 for her pain and suffering.

In addition, 33 year old Paul Boye, will be serving 10 to 15 years for assault stemming from the Feb. 2, 2014, shooting of Andrea Eberspacher. She sued him, and in June he was found civilly liable and was ordered to pay nearly $20,000 for her medical bills. Another trial was set to determine whether he should pay more money for her pain, suffering, inconvenience and loss of companionship.

The .22-caliber bullet tore through her right kidney, liver and colon and lodged near her spine. Pirsch said Eberspacher needed a foot-long incision through her midsection, leaving a scar that bisects her tattoo of the lyric from the Beatles. She had to spend two days in intensive care, the lawyer said.

Wow. That’s all we gotta say.