I just wanted to take a moment to wish Anthony a very Happy Birthday. Anthony has become a familiar face for many of you who visit SDT, and he’s been down with me since day one. Aside from being our laser tech, Ant was instrumental in me making the move out to Las Vegas, and since then he’s been down with me through thick and thin.

I remember the days when we used to play chess because I had no clients, and long before social media , I also remember the times we used to hit the streets with flyers in hand. Since then, much has changed but the your loyalty and appreciation remains 100.

With that said, we live in a different day and age where it’s hard to find people that are loyal to the soil, and Anthony has proven himself time and time again so I just want to let you know that your loyalty and appreciation is unrivaled and I’d like to wish you the best in health and prosperity. Thanks for everything brother.