Tattoos by Fernie Andrade

9 Tattoo Trends for 2019



Your hair, wardrobe, and physique reveal a bit about your persona add a trendy tattoo to maximize your appearance and make heads turn.

Collectors find inspiration in their new ink, it could be a personal story, favorite motivational quotes that go skin deep, animal characters to show demeanor, zodiac motifs and everything in between.

The creative ability of tattoo artists is boundless. Their tattooing styles are mind-blowing that will look fantastic on your body whether it is an original or a background to the current traditional tattoo.

There are tattoo trends this 2019 mentioned in this write-up that will give you standout themes for your ink.

Be sure before you get inked that you will love the tattoo when you get old.

Hand Tattoos

diamond tattoo hand vegas

Tattoos by Andy Pho

Popular among men and women are hand tattoo designs. Tattoo lovers, collectors, display their ink on fingers or on the back of hands to show their favorite ciphers.

Ladies will go for the flower or the Henna designs. Guys will follow, but their floral tattoo will be done in a masculine way instead of the elegant designs.

A heads up, your hands are prone to physical contact the experience makes tattoo fade and blur over time. Be ready to shell out some retouching cost sooner than later.

The designs to consider are flowers, animals, and Illuminati.

Line Tattoos

Line tattooing consists of different bents or straight slim lines without shifts in color to represent 2D or 3D objects. These tattoos have staggering levels of detail stressing on form and outline over color, shade, and texture without being flashy.

The position matters a lot to make the tattoo look striking and intimate. Certain parts of the body add charm to the tattoo style such as a leaf, feather, or fish on your finger, wrist, ankle or behind the ear.

Imperfect Illustrations

The lines are irregular and there is messiness on the tattoo, imperfect illustrations will never earn the interest of a non-enthusiast. To them, It might look like the ink was acquired behind bars.

Every tattoo comes with a story, some are haggard, some were mistakes, and some have never seen the light of day. Not all are great, but the imperfect illustrations are perfect for the bearer it is a tale of his/her life’s journey.

Inspirational Tattoos

Inspiration gives birth to achievements, tattoos inspire to bring out the best in you.

Inspirational tattoos constantly remind you of the good and important things in your life. Also, it can influence the spirit to move the body in overcoming the humps and bumps through your journey in life.

The body spot where it gets inked depends on how personal the message is it can be hidden or visible. The most common body parts where it is placed are ankles, back, feet, collarbones, and forearms. It will throb more if it is marked at the ribcage and the inner arm.

Quotes from books, movies or favorite songs are popular among collectors.

Red/White Ink Tattoos

Rather than the traditional rainbow colors or the timeless black and grey tattoos, some collectors opt for the single red or white ink tattoos.

Does a single color tattoo suit you?

Red ink tattoo

A single-color red tattoo means you are foregoing borders without it you might bleed and lines will be blurred over time.

If you’ve been tattooed with red ink and no adverse reactions go on with the canvass. It is advisable for a newbie to ask the artist to tattoo a small red dot in your skin. Leave it for 24 hours and watch it closely if everything’s good proceed with the artwork.
Designs that are a hit among collectors are dragons, roses, mandalas, scorpions, and dotwork.

White Ink

White ink sticks better to people with pale skin, the design on darker skin tones will not be pronounced. And it fades faster than color inks.

Some may suffer swelling and itchiness a sign that the skin is rejecting the white ink and you might wind up with no tattoo.

Exposing it to the sun will make the design dull. Harsh household chemicals will damage it.

Popular artworks include hearts, stars, flowers, vines, and doves.

Minimalist Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos are fast gaining popularity among collectors. It carries a clean and simple design consisting of crisp black lines, negative space, and sparse colors. It can be big or small but the design has precise single lines for a concise appearance.

This is suited for people who love stylish, sleek tattoos.

The equal sign is popular among the LGBTQ community which signifies equal love. The black ring around the ring finger is an alternative to the traditional wedding ring and connotes commitment. Waves cresting symbolize new beginnings or a special attachment to water.

Tattoos by Fernie Andrade

Tattoos by Fernie Andrade

Ear Tattoos

Ear tattoos are easy to conceal, safe from the watchful eyes of anti-tattoo people, but powerful enough to make a statement. Mostly, they’re out of sight, but never forgotten.

If you’re a minimalist looking for a permanent accessory to your body, ear tattoo is for you.

Women go for designs made of flowers, butterflies, tiny animals or elephant tattoo, letters, and numbers that look so cute on the ears. Men will not be outdone, popular designs behind ears are mandala and patterns in black.

Sunflower Tattoos

Flowers are a popular choice among people looking for a tattoo because it is something that will always look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

Sunflower is bright and attractive and associated with the sun no wonder it has become one of the most popular tattoo designs. The size of the tattoo carries a message, big flowers show one’s dedication in life while small flowers represent worship and believe in the supreme being.

A double image of the flower becomes the symbol of two people who intend to bind their love through their whole life.

LGBTQ Tattoo

Before it was LGBT that had often been called as the gay community. But times and attitudes evolved and the semantic used to discuss sexual preference and gender personality transformed. The acronym LGBT acquired a new letter – Q. Q is a catchall term that stands for queer, representing people who are unsure of their sexual orientation and gender identities.

The LGBTQ community derived various signs, symbols, and colors and embraced tattoos on their bodies to show unity, allegiance, and support among the group.

The most famous LGBTQ tattoo is the rainbow, it fits perfectly with the colorfulness and vibrant diversity of the members of the community.

One of the oldest tattoo to mark the LGBTQ people is the pink triangle used as a symbol of identity. During World War II the homosexual male prisoners were forced to wear a pink triangle as a badge of shame. The gay prisoners were tortured and dangerous experiments were performed on them.

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