In conjunction with Experian, Equinox and and Trans Union (the three biggest credit reporting agencies), the U.S. Senate has now agreed that your Instagram following may help you financially. The higher your scores the better you will fare with this new program. While the program still needs to reviewed and finalized, the process is 98 percent complete pending a review of federal limitations.



According to a 1,200 page report leaked last week, the fully detailed document states that, “a higher number of Instagram followers positively equates to that particular individual’s stature both financially and socially.” In addition, the research has indicated that your IG following deems one as a trustworthy individual. So in short, a better IG score will entitle individuals to the following:

A bigger Instagram following entitles individuals to many perks including:

  1. Less State taxes – where applicable.
  2. 1 percent financing on vehicles from 45k to 175K
  3. 35 percent discount on all International flights which are booked in business class.
  4. A tax deduction which is structured in tier thus entitling those with over 1.6 million followers to benefit the greatest. 
  5. Free child care to be paid by local government funding.

That said, get your IG numbers up, because concentrating  your efforts into this new age of social media seems to be a better financial investment than actually working hard and knowing your self worth. Industry experts also agree that Geico can save you a whole lot of money on your car insurance, and the change of heart in corporations all across the world has germinated rumor that Apple is tired of making money and feels embarrassed for it’s gross manipulation of the general public in order to make billions. In turn, they will be investing 1 Billion of it’s own dollars into an Instagram Addiction & Recovery Program which will be headquartered on the third floor of the Instagram campus.


Ok….so by now I either busted your bubble – or gave you a good laugh – but the reality of life is the fact that having a great Instagram following may be cool and all, but it shouldn’t define you. It’s a hard concept to grasp, because “likes” and “followers” make us all feel good, but when you start buying followers to look cool, and forget to buy likes, it comes off worse than the methanol bubble of a fart produced by a cow.

Look….life’s already difficult enough to live in such a fast paced world, but when you wind up living your life for the glory of people you hardly even know, than what’s the point. Besides, if you could truly monetize your efforts then there would be a bunch of pre-pubescent teens that would’ve been millionaires many times over.

So the bottom line, have fun with social media, and give it the permission to show off parts of your life but don’t make it become your life. IG has offered all of us our 15 minutes of fame, and it’s given us global reach but it’s also robbed many of us of the peace and enjoyment of appreciating what we have in hand. So the next time you feel overwhelmed that you don’t have enough “followers” then ask yourself if you’d rather own the “Adidas” brand, which has 5.6 million followers, or be “The Rock”, who has a whopping 28.4 million followers? But before you answer that question, consider this, The Rock is worth an estimated 125 million dollars while the Adidas Brand is worth 17.1 billion.

Till next time, get your numbers up…and we’re not talking socially either. 


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