From Concept to Creation

Skin Design Tattoo

Award Winning Tattoo Shop
Located In Las Vegas Nevada

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From concept to completion, we didn’t originally set out to build one of “The Biggest Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas” – it just happened as a result of us wanting  to create a space that would accommodate our tattoo artists, friends, and family. Ultimately, the place we would call home would end up becoming a tattoo parlor that encapsulated the essence and spirit of Las Vegas nightlife, and to say that it was “a walk in the park” would be a definite understatement.  The build took just under a year, and with many setbacks and hurdles to jump it was definitely an eye-opening experience which proved once again that tattoos have not completely been disregarded as a “taboo” art.

  • 4,000+ sq. ft – Thus making it one of the biggest tattoo shops in Las Vegas
  • 8 months – the time it took to build Skin Design Las Vegas 
  • 10 working stations – including Laser Tattoo Removal and Semi-Permanent Makeup

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