While serving in Afghanistan as a Royal Marine, Andy Grant took a wrong step and found himself on top of a mine. It was that misfortunate step that led to him having his leg amputed but this is where his story gets interesting.

He had a tattoo on his leg which said, “You’ll never walk alone“, and the amputation required the removal of a the part of his kneecap, which happened to contain the word “alone” – thus leaving him with a  tattoo that now says, “You’ll never walk“.

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Since then, the 26 year old has undergone major physical therapy and has learned how to walk and his ability to do so has been earned him a few Gold Medals at the recent Invictus Games.

During a recent interview with the BBC, he mentions, “I am a huge Liverpool fan so I had the Liver bird and the words to the song You’ll Never Walk Alone on my leg.

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“The tattoo that I have been left with has always been a bit of a joke. I use it in my motivational speeches.”

Now the Royal Marine has his sights on a running world record.

“It is ironic that it says I will never walk as I have gone on to run 10 km in 40 minutes.

“At the moment I am just two minutes off a record for the 10 km for a single leg amputee and I have that in my sights.”

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