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Being born and raised in Modesto, California there was never a shortage of street art and Chicano style influences. I grew up seeing all the older guys from my neighborhood completely covered head to toe in black and grey tattoos and remember thinking I wanted nothing more than to be like them. Summers after school were spent working in the fields just so I could make enough money to buy a knock off tattoo kit off of eBay. As this obsession with tattoo culture grew, I begin spending all my time around the local tattoo shops, hoping someone would take me under their wing.

In 2009 I begin my apprenticeship under Rabbit at Lucky Rabbit tattoos. I officially begin tattooing in 2011 and it’s been an amazing 7 years. Originally, my interests leaned towards a more neo-traditional style up until a couple years ago when I realized I still had a lot of Chicano style influences in my art. Thus, I ended up completely switching over to black and grey. Around that time, I moved to Honolulu with $500 in my pocket, hopeful and unsure. I spent the first few years living off tourists and walk-ins, slowly building my clientele which has brought me to today.

I am beyond fortunate to have been given this opportunity to be a part of the skin design team. 10 years ago I remember buying tattoo magazines, seeing Robert Pho’s work, wondering how he made the tattoos he made, never even dreaming I’d be part of a team like this. I am so thankful for the people in my life that have supported me until now; my girlfriend, my family and friends, who have pushed me, believed in me, and have kept me grounded and humble. It’s those who believe in me that make me never want to stop learning, growing, and ultimately being better than I was yesterday.

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