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Eugene Ta'ase

Polynesian tattoos are highly representative of a culture and way of life. These illustrious tattoos take pride in revealing the family unit, and in its simplest form, Polynesian tattoos speak volumes about history, as behind each piece is a story longing to be heard. Every line, every shape takes on a visual aesthetic and it’s a style to be interpreted by those in the know.

That said, you no longer have to travel over 4,000 miles to get an authentic Polynesian tatau. They are now available right here in Las Vegas way of our resident Skin Design Tattoo artist, Eugene Ta’ase –  a master of his craft in the area of Polynesian tattoos.

Born in California, but raised in the South Pacific island of American Samoa, Eugene adopted an early  appreciation for tatau – the traditional tattoo of Samoa – and since then he’s dedicated his life to the practice and the perfection of his craft.

A master of his craft in the area of Polynesian tattoos

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At a young age, Eugene’s fascination with the history and designs of Polynesian art developed into a passion for not only drawing – but also understanding and learning about the history of  Samoan patterns. After years of taking his talents from pen and paper, his uncle soon took note of his drawings and soon thereafter, steered him right into an apprenticeship at Lahaina Tattoo where he began his tattoo career.

Since then, Eugene has not only mastered his craft, but has also had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best and most highly acclaimed artists in the Polynesian tattoo game. From Akiu “Q” Sale and Mike “Samoan Mike” Fatutoa, Eugene has taken his respect and appreciation for the art to new levels.

In addition to his Polynesian tattoos, Eugene’s artwork has landed global acclaim as he has collaborated with various companies to help them with custom design and artwork. From GS Sports for Demarini slow pitch softball bats and apparel, all the way to Tatau Brand apparel, NaKoa Leather and 808 Shells phone cases, these are just a few of the companies he has orchestrated monumental collaborations with.

Fast forward to present day, and Eugene is truly humbled and honored that one of the best black and gray tattoo artists, Robert Pho, has given him the opportunity to be a part of the Skin Design Tattoo family (SDT). As he continually years to master his craft, we welcome you to stop by the SDT studio for a free consultation and should you have any questions then stop by for a friendly, no-pressure consultation.


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The skill of Polynesian art is both earned and learned. Artists who want to pursue this path in life have been known to acquire the skills and knowledge by having it passed down from father to son, or master to disciple. Tattoo artists are often refereed to as “tufuga” and the learned craft is one which is sacred in nature and even harder to come by.

Considered a specialty art, Polynesian tattoo artists are a rare breed. The information they deliver is powerful and it’s a form of body art which is know to offer spiritual power, protection and strength. In addition, these tattoos are a sign of character, position and hierarchical levels and in short, can often be seen as a resume of your life’s experiences.

In all, Polynesian people firmly believe that an individual’s mana – which is their spiritual life force – is displayed through their tattoos. We encourage you to explore the fascinating world of Polynesian tattoos with SDT and always remember that tattoos and their meanings don’t change, it’s just the people who wear them that do.

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