Mathilda Dao

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Mathilda Dao - Skin Design Tattoo Artist

Began from drawing animals to cartoons to people to a focus on the female form and the skeletal system, and now combining female beauty with surreal organic forms. Always aiming to create imagery that visually flows and “feels” right and good. Mostly working with graphite, color pencil, ink pens, watercolor, and occasionally paint. Loves working on a variety of canvases, such as wood and large scale.

Going to the University of Nevada Las Vegas, striving toward a degree in Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. (Graduating in May 2017.)

Made the decision to go to school for art before diving into the world of tattoo in order to learn what makes a calculated successful composition in design. Learning and understanding different elements of design such as color harmony, mathematical attractiveness, and ways that form can follow function.

Has worked head on toward the goal of becoming a tattoo artist since high school. Anything art, school, or career related would be decided based upon, or catered toward that goal. Driven to tattooing because of the everlasting magnificence of it, and due to a constant desire to have a positive and “permanent” impact on others.

Searching for an apprenticeship was both an easy and difficult task. While there were a few open arms, most were proven to be seedy or not the best circumstances that anyone would like to be in within the professional tattoo world. Not only was I searching for a studio that I had my eyes on, but also a studio that simultaneously had eyes for my work. My greatest desire was to be a benefit to the studio, and be able to positively impact it the best that I could. There were a few high end studios whose names lingered in the mind, Skin Design Tattoo being at the top. Perhaps by a miracle, a friend referred me to Robert Pho’s son, Justin, who had written a post stating that Robert was presently in search of an apprentice. I contacted Justin, who gave his best advice and word, and sent me off to contact the shop. From there, it was like living a dream. It began from an email sent to Skin Design, to being personally responded to by Robert himself, to setting up an interview with a portfolio review, and being accepted afterwards.

There are many people who made attempts to gain the opportunity that I have, yet have been denied. I have been given an honor to work with and be around artists who have been given some of the highest regard in the art and tattooing world, and I consider myself extraordinarily lucky. As said before, this has all happened perhaps by a wonderful miracle. I am equally honored and exhilarated to be able to work with every artist established at the studio. My expectations of tattooing remain limited, however, I have high expectations for myself to do well during my apprenticeship, with every art piece/design I can, and every tattoo that I can. I expect myself to constantly be aiming to create the best, most positive impact possible on every patron and artist, and most of all Skin Design Tattoo Studio.

Instagram: @mathildy

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