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Mathilda Dao Tattoo Artist

Tattooing since January of 2017, Mathilda began her overall tattooing career at Skin Design Tattoos. She initiated her career while continuing her studies at the University of Nevada Las Vegas until May 2017, when she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Concentration in Graphic Design.

Her career interests have always been related to art, and tattooing has been at the pinnacle of these interests since she was 13 years old. Anything that was related to art, school, or her goals and career choices would, then, be catered toward the goal of getting into the tattoo industry.

Her work on paper and canvas consisted of a range of subjects and multimedia usage; from animals to cartoons, female form and the skeletal system, illustrative to realism; from pencil to charcoal, acrylic paints to oil paints, and color pencil to inks. Her range also extended from smaller sized drawings to larger scale works of art.

Before diving into the world of tattooing, she had chosen to continue furthering her techniques, style, and knowledge as much as possible with the time spent in school. There, she studied what types of visual calculations are necessary in a successful composition in design. With all of the different areas of artistic knowledge in mind, understanding that form follows function, she apprenticed under Robert Pho and his brother, Andy Pho, custom illustrating every design that she places on her clients.

From Mathilda’s own personal studies to those studies conducted at school, in addition to the endless stream of knowledge being graciously taught at the Skin Design studio, her methods of tattooing are more than surface level thinking. From Robert, Andy, and the entire family at the studio, she has gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be a tattooer, an artist, and then a tattoo artist; a human, a friend, and family.

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