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Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Tattoos

You might well be shocked to learn that getting a tattoo can often not be vegan! If you have recently gone vegan and want to get yourself inked, you can do so, but you need to find specific vegan tattoos. How are Tattoos Non-Vegan? So, what is it that makes tattoos not vegan? Is tattoo […]

Best Ideas for Father Daughter Tattoos

The love between a father and daughter is often such a special connection. No wonder a lot of people out there are looking for a way to mark this love in a permanent way. Family love is unconditional and therefore people don’t mind marking themselves permanently with a tattoo, which is a fantastic way to […]

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Going to a Tattoo Shop

Let’s face it, once you get inked–there’s no turning back. Getting a tattoo is not just a huge commitment, it’s also life changing. So if you’re considering about breaking skin for the first time or finally completing that sleeve, you should start educating yourself so you won’t have any regrets. Realize that the experience of […]

To Tip or Not To Tip: That is the question

Quite frankly, no one always knows what to do when it comes to tipping. The whole tipping thing can be so confusing and awkward. When it comes to tipping situations, the following questions are probably involved: – Who and when should you tip? – How much to tip? – When do you leave it? Along […]

What No One Tells You About Tattoo Cover-up

What is Cover up Tattoo and How Does it work? As the industry for tattoos continues to grow and grow, and more people get inked than ever before, cover-ups are also on the rise. Very simply put, a cover-up is when you get a new design tattooed over the previous in order to cover it […]

9 Tattoo Trends for 2019

Your hair, wardrobe, and physique reveal a bit about your persona add a trendy tattoo to maximize your appearance and make heads turn. Collectors find inspiration in their new ink, it could be a personal story, favorite motivational quotes that go skin deep, animal characters to show demeanor, zodiac motifs and everything in between. The […]