A few days ago we got together for a creative brainstorming. Here’s a few flicks of where we met as well as what was around us. We decided to snap a few flicks to remind us that anything in life is possible. Sure…some of us may not want the fancy cars or big homes, but at the end of the day money is a medium to buy whatever it is you want.

Be inspired by what surrounds you.


 A few of the toys that were flown into town by Khalifa. 

In short, your brain is the most powerful tool you’ve got and how you perceive things and what you take in makes all the difference in the world. Even the tiniest little elements help. Take for example, something as simple as a smell. It’s a proven fact that the smell of  a clean fragrance triggers people to think that the environment is clean and sterile. Makes sense…right?


 Flicks by Garret B.

 Now we’re not trying to get all scientific here, all we’re saying is that you should choose the people and places you meet carefully and you’ll get more productive end results. It’s also important to filter what your mind processes. Money, much like art and the artists that provide the service, come in levels of varying degrees.

Use others success as inspiration for your own. See a better artist than you? Don’t get mad get better. Look…simply put, you can never be too wise, never too knowledgeable and never too rich. No one in this world gets everything, and this is how balance is created, so get out there and be influenced by your environment.


Take a look around and learn from the positives and negatives to create your own balance and inspiration. On another note, stay inspired and stay tuned for big things coming.

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