Much like tattoos, the removal of one is equally an art. You have to be familiar with the machine, make sure that it’s properly calibrated, all the while understanding how it works in relation to the colors in the piece you are trying to remove. It is important to remember that different inks, and ink colors in your piece, respond differently to laser treatment. This is where our experience in tattoo removal comes into play. Since we’re one of the leading purveyors of inked art in Vegas, we understand the application of ink, whereas “laser removal only” facilities, know just the basic principles – there is a big difference.

The premiere laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas!

The premiere laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas!

At Skin Design, we pride ourselves in being the best when it comes to tattoo removal in Las Vegas. Located just a few miles from the Strip, our state of the art facility is housed within one of the leading ink parlors in the area. With years of extensive experience, and a friendly staff, Skin Design is your one stop shop that is here to educate you about the process of this procedure.

Part of our process for removal includes:

– Educating the customer about the procedure. Each client is provided with an estimate as to how many sessions it should take to completely remove a specific piece.

– We also provide follow ups and create a schedule of treatments based on skin color, tattoo color as well as the recovery speed of each patient.

Feel free to stop on by or give us a call when you’re ready to refresh your canvas. The use of lasers for unwanted pieces has been the most effective way of removing them. Regardless if you want to remove a mistake, erase the memories of a drunken nights decision, or simply want to make more room on your canvas, please feel free to drop on by with any questions and we’ll gladly help!


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