It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post. It’s never easy dealing with the passing of a friend but Bob Baxter was more than a friend, he was family. He was a part of my family, he was family to many in our industry, an ambassador of tattoo culture, and he’ll be missed.

I vividly remember being interviewed by Bob Baxter years ago, and the interview was unlike others I’ve done. He stayed over at my house for days on in just to make sure he got all the information he needed. There were no pens, there were no recorders, there was no note taking. Bob’s form of interviewing was more like casual conversation, and his ability to recall what was discussed was as sharp as it gets.


In the end, he ended up writing an article that was a master piece. (You can view it here). Bob was a powerful writer, who blessed many of us with his brilliant articles, but even more impactful was the kindness of his heart. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, always looked out for those in need, and above and beyond what he did for this industry, are his unforgettable acts of kindness, the memories of his great character and the priceless moments, memories and stories he left us all.

Thank you for everything Bob.

Robert Pho

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