Here’s a new banger from Fernie Andrade. 

Completed just a few nights ago. This skull and smoke tattoo came out perfect. For his skull reference, Fernie utilized the Boris Tattoo Skull Reference book which includes 567 photos which were taken by Boris himself.

In all, the book is a handy tool for any artist, and it consists of four chapters which includes images that are lit from single and dual sources. It also includes a chapter on light painting so if you haven’t already purchased the book then head on over and get you some.

About Fernie Andrade:

Fernie is a world class black and grey (bng) tattoo artist that has been published internationally and his work has been recognized globally. His powerful ink work makes him among the best in the business and his pursuit for perfection is only overshadowed by his humble demeanor.

His work can be seen gracing some of the top tattoo collectors all throughout the world and we encourage you visit his portfolio by clicking here.