The world isn’t changing, it’s changed, and it’s changed a lot. We’re now living in a generation where loyalty is a cool tattoo, love has become a cute quote and selling out is the new keeping it real. There used to a time where loyalty referred to a way of living. It was about keeping your word, and following through, but nowadays it’s a lifestyle reserved for the limited few.

You see, when you deposit your energy, time and confidence into someone who you believe in, it’s disappointing to see that union break apart. Then again, “disappointed” may just be the politically correct way to put it. We’ve all been down that path and when the trust is broken, deep down inside we really just want to put that person on front street and give ’em what they have coming – but again, elephants don’t swat flies just like Kings don’t get off their chariots to deal with peasants throwing tomatoes.

But the sad reality is the fact that we live in a land of opportunistic snakes. We live in an era, where people love to throw around the word “loyalty”. Many of us have spent the time, money and energy believing in other people, yet as time passes, it becomes unfortunate to discover that many of our so-called “soldiers” turn out to be fair-weather friends who get exposed during the storm.

In short, loyalty has given way to self interest, and when incidents of disloyalty happen we often get consumed by what was taken from us, instead of focusing on what we really have. In times of duress we often have to look at what we gained instead of what was lost. The discovery of disloyalty takes the blinders off of our eyes and it gives us the ability to see what that person is really about, but it should also make us more appreciative of those who have continued to stand by our side.

And for those of you eager to plant seeds of disloyalty, well be careful, because it’s only a matter of time before those same evil seeds you once planted show up on your own door step. You reap what you sow and before you know it you’ll end up back in the kitchen trying to cook up a new scheme.

But the point I’m really trying to get at is this. Let the disloyalty of one, be the reason you thank the rest of your loyal family members for keeping it real. Let them know you appreciate them, let them know that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed and don’t let a minor set back stifle your progress.