To say that I hate flying might be a bit dramatic. Let’s just say that I dislike it and avoid it whenever possible. So when I hear about clients flying in from overseas I’m not only impressed but also humbled that they would fly some 14 hours to get work done here at Skin Design Tattoo. This particular piece was done on someone who flew in from China just a few weeks ago and it’s of a dove holding a key as well as a clock.


There are so many reasons why people tattoo doves on themselves. For some it marks a new beginning, for others it represents the purity of thoughts and action, but that’s the beautiful thing about art and the world of tattoos. The beauty and interpretation will vary from one person to the next but for me this tattoo translated into many things. For me, the clock represented the time we have left on earth. You don’t really think about it, but each second we live is yet another second we die, so you have to cherish time and make your dreams come true while allocating the time necessary with friends and family that matter. As for the key, well it makes me think about the idea of unlocking our full potential and the battle we face on the daily. In short, the key ties in well with the clock because we’re all in a race against time. Time is what determines how long we get to play so use your time accordingly and let’s make the most of this lifetime.

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