Here’s an eagle tattoo that artist Robert Pho did back in 2005.

The title says it all. Eagles soar and parrots bore. While they’re both majestic creatures they fly at different heights, and while one commands attention the other demands it.

If you look at the nature of both birds you’ll find that they’re polar opposites. An eagle is an individualistic thinker that flies on its own, whereas a parrot is a flocking bird that craves constant admiration and attention. In addition, when it rains, parrots seek shelter and safety, whereas an eagle will fly above the clouds.

Long story short, life is filled with too many parrots and we need more eagles. So which one will you be?

If you’re a flocking bird that’s constantly surrounding yourself with a bunch of yappers how do you ever expect to fly to new heights? The bottom line, do you and get out of the cage. Make moves and fly to new heights because you deserve it.