Over the past decade, tattoo artist Robert Pho, has received global acclaim as being one of the leading black and grey tattoo artists in the industry. Known best for his attention to detail, and his ability to create hyperrealistic portraits, Robert continues to hone his skills and master his craft, yet one little known fact about this humble artist is that he is also a painter.

Now what one may find most interesting about Robert, is the fact that he specializes in black and grey tattoos, but paints in color. It’s an anomaly which even he can’t explain, but there’s no question that his paintings hold the same depth as his tattoo work.

Robert’s collection of his own personal work, which has never been seen – or shown – to the general public, is what he refers to as a “passion project.” Each piece is inspired by culture, religion and history, and while he still chooses to keep them private, he has decided to create for the first time ever, a piece which will be showcased to the public.



This new piece was created specifically for  “Infinite Tide.”  The 16×24 mixed media canvas works around this years “ocean theme” and the idea behind his latest work centers around the transfer of knowledge, and the concept that both history and art is impermeable to nature, but susceptible to social distortion.

He further mentions that, “the piece was created to show that art can be visually admired, while the stories and factual truths behind the artifacts can only be passed on by the voice of each generation. In short, I believe that it’s up to make sure that the history is told as accurately as the art is drawn.”


About Kulture Klash: Curated by Tim Shelton of Still Life Tattoo, and Sullen Clothing, the gallery will showcase world Renowned Tattoo, Street, Contemporary, Low-Brow and Kustom Kulture artists. Housed in Ballroom Galleries aboard Queen Mary, the show will also extend to cover the countless structures off ship as they line walk ways and corridors filled with fine art, street art, and low brow art to bring together collectors from around the world.