Have you ever really sat down to think what art really means, and what it defines? Probably not. Then again, that’s probably because it is best defined by each individual. I don’t think there is one group of people or even an organization that can truly define what art means, and the old adage, “Art is in the eye of the beholder”, probably best sums it up.

Though art has been classified , it’s hardly ever been defined without questions or debate. That’s probably because of the fact that art is open, subjective and debatable. Throughout history, there has really been no agreement between historians and artists when it comes to the definition. At best, the concept has changed throughout the years and about the only thing they seem to be able to agree up on are the classifications and mediums of art.




Art is a medium that you have to fall in love with. In most cases it’s instant. When you find an artist you love, you’ll feel it. It affects all your senses at once and it’s an emotional experience that you feel in your gut. This in the end,  is how we end up choosing our favorites artists, sculptures and paintings. The connection between you and the piece is what draws you in, but as you get to know the artist’s background it creates another connection which draws you in further.

From their history, to their philosophies and sometimes manic backgrounds, getting to know your artist makes their work that much more valuable and personal.  In reality, the art which comes from that particular artist is a part of their natural pool of talent, and in the end you really do walk away with a piece of them.

This is also the singular reason why artwork tends to be pricey. You can’t replenish their natural resources, and this is what art collectors understand and appreciate. Their work makes us happy and it becomes a visual focus regardless if it’s on your skin or on your living room wall.

That said, respect your art, respect yourself, and find a following that respects your work equally. Art is a compelling form of communication which is to be treated as a sacred token of appreciation and those who understand that it will be more than willing to pay for it.