Drive is what gets you going, resilience is what keeps  you in the game, while persistence and practice is what elevates your skill set. But first you have to ask yourself how driven are you?

What drives you?

Drive is what pushes our boundaries. It’s what makes great artists greater, better businessmen the best and it’s what gets you up early and keeps you up till late. Yet every once in a while we question our work, doubt our existence and pollute our heads with negative thoughts. We start wondering if we’re good as people say, start comparing ourselves to others, and then wonder what the future holds. Yet sooner than later, those thoughts dissolve and soon enough we’re back on a mission, and we’re back on that mission because of our drive.

It’s a natural cycle that happens to the best of us, but all I can say is that  you need to surround yourself with the best in your business.

You need to have friends that aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. In any business, just like any friendship and sports, you don’t need fanboys and cheerleaders, you need team players that are there to assist, support and collectively help make the team win.

If you don’t have that. Then get it. In the mean time, there’s inspiration to found everywhere around us. Take a look around and see what inspires you, and if you’re too lazy then go to YouTube.

Take a look at this guy for example.  Alex Honnold is a world-renownd rock climber and after watching his video it made me realize that everyones has different expectations and goals, and his are way higher than mine – pun intended. After watching his video I was definitely inspired. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go climb a mountain, but he’s living proof that anything is possible so long as you’ve willing to commit – and in his case be a little insane.

Contributed by Gary Villa