Inside The Ink Episode 1: 71 Michael Dunlap’s Chavelle



Hey, we’re here in Austin, Texas. Robert came down to visit my home and tattoo me. This is the tattoo he did of the Austin Skyline and my 71 Chevelle.

Robert Pho has tattooed every single tattoo of my body. I’m very grateful and very thankful to have found him.

Not only because he does great art, but after talking with Robert, I spent hundreds of hours with him getting tattooed and talking about life.

And once I heard his story, I was just blown away because I thought well man my story’s pretty good.

I worked my way up from not a whole lot to become successful. And Roberts, like “Hey when I was 16 years old I was facing a life sentence, I got sitting into prison, and I spent seven years in prison “.

So my tale doesn’t compare anything to what he’s done.
So the amount of respect that I have for him, not only is the tattoo artist but just as a person in general.

I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to meet him because our past probably would never promise. But I’m so grateful that they did not because not only because I’ve got some of the best pieces I think in the world.

I get compliments every day every time I’m out; people say, “Hey, is that photocopy, and is that real?” I love them. They’re great pieces of art, and not only did I get all these beautiful tattoos, but meeting Robert and getting to spend the time with Robert has changed me a little bit because my past and his path are similar. But his is story is much more dramatic.

I have so much respect and now have a friend. And a mentor in Robert Robert probably will say he doesn’t like me. Some may say we’re not friends, but I do like him; we’re friends.

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