Inside The Ink Episode 2: Big Ant



In this episode of Behind the Ink by Skin Design Tattoos we meet Roberts long term friend Anthony. In this episode they reminiscence about the past, and the humble beginning of Robert Pho’s Tattoo Journey which started in Anthony’s Parents Garage in California.

Ant: How’s it going I’m Anthony I do the
Lazer tattoo removal at skin design and I’m also
one of Rob’s good friends since we were kids
we’re out the block right now this is
where we grew up.

Ant: I just wanted to show you a little bit of who we are, and matter of fact, I remember this one time Rob was going to tattoo me, and we all set up everything my bedroom upstairs had all laid out there he drew his letters on my stomach. I was smoking a cigarette; my mom opens my window looks out at us and says; “hey guess what you’re not getting
tatted today, but don’t think that I won’t throw all this out the window
right now, if you try to get tattooed.

Ant: And Rob’s stomped his cigarette out, and then after that closed up shop and saved me from getting tatted on my stomach and stuff.

[Anthony’s mother meets Robert again after so many years.]

Robert and Anthony walk back into the Garage and reminisce, where Robert’s Tattoo Journey first began.

Robert: So many memories about so many tattoos – so many
clients here at Ants house.

Ant: I remember we stayed in
touched like the whole time he was
locked up I had like shoeboxes full
of letters.

Ant: Every envelope had like drawings on there like
we could have fucked that’s just gold
and shit that we could have been sold.

Robert: Almost bringing like a little

Ant: He didn’t want to be outside, he wanted to stay inside
and shit so we were inside the pad just
chilling and Robert asked “hey you want to get
a tattoo”?

Ant: I say yeah, let’s do it.

Robert: Back in the day, it wasn’t like money or anything like that, but it was just like the culture, and you know the art.

[Robert Shows a few pieces]

Ant: This was 1995 or 1995 piece by Robert Pho Yeah when I got out

Robert: Homemade machine built for my Walkman motor, a guitar string that we sharpened, and I don’t know where we got the ink but probably bought it somewhere.

Ant: Yeah, we went somewhere and stuff.

Robert: Cool to see this man I was telling
answered laser – so that you know we can
do like a new one.

Ant: But you can’t do it, man, it’s like it’s the first one like
his wife doesn’t even have the first one. I
got the first one, so yeah, this is this, and this means something to me and stuff.

Robert: So, Ant has been a collector of mine. He has like the evolution of my work. You know from a guitar string to the Hawks
balding Puma machines – to like the latest stuff, which is the rotary now.

Robert: So I kind of want to show some of that.

Robert: Guitar String Koi Fish

Robert: Coil Machine Dog

Robert: So these are just some pieces to test out you know during my time when I’m just trying to learn, trying to get a better experience with different things and Ant’s the homie, the canvas

Ant: Whatever you ever he wanted to do, I
let them do

Robert: Thanks to the homie Ant

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