Want to get your ex off your back? Well if you’re talking tattoos then Skin Design Laser Tattoo Removal of Las Vegas can definitely help.

Laser tattoo removal has become increasingly popular and for many reasons. Some people want to make more room, some want to remove mistakes, and for others, they just want a fresh start. Many times when a couple breaks up, the haunting site of their ex’s name is unbearable for either themselves or their future mates, and the first thing they usually do is look for laser tattoo removal. “Getting my ex-husbands name off my back, helped give me a fresh start”, says Maria Gonzalez, “It’s hard to move forward and leave the past behind when it’s tatted on you.” Maria, along with many other Las Vegas clients have shared the same remorse, and for others they simply want to make room for new talent and art.



You can definitely say that the surge in laser tattoo removal has been fueled by regret, and the new technology that has been released makes it that much easier to have your tattoos removed. A Harris Poll which was taken two years ago, found that 21 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo, a figure which is up from 16 percent in 2003, and of those people, it’s roughly 14 percent of them who now regret their decision.


When it comes to laser tattoo removal here’s a few facts:

– Black and Grey (BNG/ B&G) are the easiest tattoo ink colors to remove. Usually, a Yag(1064nm) laser works well for these)

– Green is the most difficult ink color to remove followed by light blue (Yag 1064nm and Ruby 694nm).

– Red/brown/yellow/orange respond well in my experience primarily using 532nm laser.

– Prison or home made inks are among the most difficult to remove. 

– Do-it-yourself tattoo removal ointments and creams are available on the market, but the FDA cautioned that since they haven’t been tested, the products may cause reactions like rashes, burning, scarring or changes in skin pigmentation.



— On an interesting side note, I’ve  got a friend who has 11 names tattooed on him (a collective list of ex girlfriends and ex wives). When asked why he didn’t opt for laser tattoo removal, he said “These weren’t mistakes, these were life lessons, and keeping their names on me reminds me to do two things: 1) Be more selective 2) Do not tattoo their names on me.”

Since then…he’s added another name. I guess some people like to collect. 

by contributing SDT writer, Samy B.