This was all filmed on one take with no CG.

Directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet at Partizan Midi Minuit, the 2 minute spot broke on April 6th. It will fill the entire ad break, during the coverage of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Titled Cog, the commercial is a based around a single cog that sets off a chain reaction across a selection of new Honda Accord components. The Mill’s flame artist Barnsley went to the set in Paris, where director Bardou-Jacquet and his production team had been working for 5 months on the pre-production stages of the commercial. Total budget: Over 6 million


Legendary video direction and choreography. Filmed by a camera on a drone, the band members of the group OK Go, rode around on motorized scooter chairs made by Honda, which paid for the film. Accompanied by dozens of elaborately choreographed dancers in perfect synch, “I Won’t Let You Down” takes OK Go’s history of innovative videosIt just doesn’t get old.




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Inside The Ink Episode 2: Big Ant

In this episode of Behind the Ink by Skin Design Tattoos we meet Roberts long term friend Anthony. In this episode they reminiscence about the past, and the humble beginning of Robert Pho’s Tattoo Journey which started in Anthony’s Parents Garage in California. Ant: How’s it going I’m Anthony I do the Lazer tattoo removal at skin design and I’m

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