Micro tattoo of dog

When a local Las Vegas customer walked into our tattoo shop to get a micro dog tattoo done of her beloved friend, it was more than a pleasure for resident Andy Pho to get the job done. This micro tattoo shows the detail and shading which helped make this piece come to life and the results are incredible.

It’s been said that a dog may be a part of your life, but to a dog, you are their life. It’s an old quote that strikes the hearts of any dog owners, and here at Skin Design Tattoo we can definitely relate. Just about all of our staff owns a dog, or two, and while most of us prefer pit bulls to corgis, the love is still large regardless of the breed. Dogs offer us an unconditional love which cannot be duplicated by any human. They’re our trusty companions, confidants, friends and they’ll go to any length to protect not only their families but their homes. In addition, dogs teach us lots about life. They teach us to stretch every morning, greet loved ones and the most important of all, a dog teaches us to be who we are.