You can have sight yet still be blind. In the same breath, vision with no ambition is a waste of talent. With each passing day brings about an opportunity to go out and explore not only the world, but your options, your talents and yourself. You see, self awareness is the key to living a compelling and complete life but first you have to focus on what you really want. You need to do some soul searches and find out what makes you happy and what defines the life of your dreams.

We all dream. We all have visions, but what separates the dreamers from the achievers is the ambition to make a change in your life. Whether that change comes in the form of being kinder, richer, or a better artist, the choice is yours.

Here’s a prime example that proves that there’s much to gain after a significant loss. After losing his vision, this guy thought that a blind man who paints would be absurd. But through a little creative measures, and much practice, he is now an artist whose work has achieved mass appeal. He know showcases at galleries and one of his pieces can be found hanging inside the residence of Steven Speilberg.

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Inside The Ink Episode 2: Big Ant

In this episode of Behind the Ink by Skin Design Tattoos we meet Roberts long term friend Anthony. In this episode they reminiscence about the past, and the humble beginning of Robert Pho’s Tattoo Journey which started in Anthony’s Parents Garage in California. Ant: How’s it going I’m Anthony I do the Lazer tattoo removal at skin design and I’m

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