Tattoos are a form of artistic self-expression but there comes a time when opinions and factors change what we want to show. Whether it’s a break up, an old or faded tattoo, or something as simple as a tattoo, which expressed former values – which has since changed – we can help.


 Before & After: This was after 5 sessions with our Quanta-C machine

The development of laser technology, and machines such as the remarkable Quanta C, has now given us the ability to help you remove unwanted tattoos. Through a series of treatments with a qualified Laser Certified Technician, the professionals at Skin Design Tattoo can help.


 Before & After: This was after 5 sessions with our Quanta-C machine

With the cleanest and most sterile environment, Skin Design provides free consultations, which will go over the entire procedure and what to expect.

Here are some factors which will determine how fast and effective your treatments will be:

  • The color of the ink
    • Different colored inks react differently to laser removal. The easiest colors to remove are black and grey, but certain colors may need more sessions.
  • The type of ink used
    • Professional tattoos are much easer to remove than amateur tattoos and tattoos received in prison. The difference is in the ink used and we understand all ink types
  • The size of the tattoo you want to remove
    • The size of the tattoo will also determine how many sessions will be required. Obviously pain tolerance plays a key factor in the removal of tattoos.
  • Age of the tattoo
    • Older tattoos can sometimes be stubborn and much difficult to remove. This is where our certified experts can examine your skin as well as the age of the tattoo.
  • Skin type
    • Skin types definitely play an integral part in the removal process. Some skin may blister, whereas other types will heal faster. We can also examine this in person.
  • Location
    • Location of the tattoo also plays a key role in how long it will take to remove a tattoo as well as how long of a session a patient can endure due to pain tolerance.


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