Ricky Lo, the owner of Ricky & Pinky Tattoo Studio, has closed his doors after over 40 years of business. Though the reason for his closing has remain undisclosed, he’ll remain a legend and pioneer in the tattoo world.

His studio, which was located in Wanchai, Hong Kong, became famous for serving up tattoos to those seeking some ink and his clients have included anyone from triads to tipsy tourists trying to  get classic designs – mostly tigers, dragons and Chinese deities – inked on their bodies.



We’re sorry to hear about the closing of his studio, but we’re hoping it opens up a new chapter in life. Over the past few decades his work has spoken for itself, but we’ve always found his opinions both powerful and straight forward.

Over the past few decades he’s got his fair share of press, but the best had to be the interview he did with the South China Morning Post. Some of the dialogue is below and it’s sure to offer some humor along with some elighqment about his desire to keep things real.

Whom in Hong Kong do you most admire? No one stands out much. Hong Kong people are all the same, we all just want the same basic things. I don’t think anyone is outstanding, it’s all about securing a decent lifestyle and making as much money as you can. It’s not a matter of admiration or idolatry, there’s no need for any of that.

Whom do you least admire? No one in particular. I say live and let live. There’s no point in judging others. It’s enough that people just concentrate on leading their own lives.

What do you want to be reincarnated as? Are you kidding me? What kind of question is that? If you’re healthy and living, why would you sit around thinking about this kind of stuff? Next question please.

What inspires you? I admire a job well done.

When was the last time you cried? People cry when they’re sad. There’s nothing more to say.

Any words of wisdom? For Hong Kong people, things are very simple. Make money, nothing else matters.