A lot of people don’t acknowledge the fact that tattoos have become a part their industry. Whether it’s businesses, sports, radio or film, tattoos have become a form of expression that’s unstoppable. Top CEO’s have found tattoos empowering, while segments of the sports industry, such as football and basketball have been flooded with ink.

But there’s still plenty of ink to be hidden behind jerseys and full uniforms, whereas the sport of swimming bares all. With swimming, all art is exposed and for many, the markings become an expression of their philosophies, personalities as well as their competitiveness.

Strength and Honor

Take Nicholas Petersen, who sports three tattoos. Two of them are located on his hip and find themselves covered by a drag suit or a fast skin. However, the most visible permanent mark is located on his right bicep, “Voimasta Ja Kunniasta” or “Strength and Honor” in Finnish.

“I got it to serve as a reminder,” remarks Petersen. “Whenever I’m feeling down I can remind myself of my goals and to be a man.”

In swimming you have to be strong and put in tremendous amounts of work. Having a reminder is what humbles some and allows them to carry on. Finding the different ways to stay engaged and focused on goals is what makes sport so interesting.

“As for the honor part of the tattoo, a good way to find motivation is to find the honor one has for your family, your goals, and your team,” Petersen said. “In competition, simply put, the strength part reminds me of the confidence in the training I’ve done and the honor reminds me behind the blocks of who I compete for.”


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