Let’s face it. Art is subjective and a matter of opinion and debate. From photography, all the way to paintings and tattoos, there are always those pieces – and those artists – that make you say, “WTF!” and Washington born artist, Alexa Meade definitely falls into this category. As a painter, with no formal training, her work is simply mind-boggling. By utilizing live canvases, she literally plays head games with your senses and creates imagery which is far more fascinating than anything Photoshop or even CG could create.

Come into contact with one of these living, breathing art pieces and you might feel like you’re on a bad trip or maybe strung out on shrooms.


Born in Washington, this former Political Science major never attended art school and is completely self-taught. By applying acrylic paint to her live subjects, Alexa is able to make two-dimensional art appear 3D and the end results are pretty damn incredible. In what could be described as trompe l’oeil (on steroids), her work plays with your intellect and stimulates the mind.  Since she’s started, she’s amassed a cult-like  following and her live installments have baffled, entertained and mesmerized all who have been lucky enough to experience her work.



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