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Golden State Tattoo Expo 2016: 2nd Place Best Sleeve category.

Congrats to our bossman and Monte for taking home 2nd place for Best Sleeve at the Golden State Expo. The even went down in Pasadena, CA this past weekend and as we get to packing, to head back home, we’d like to thank everyone who stopped on by the booth. The event had a great turn out (and we’re exhausted) but it was well worth the trip. We’ll definitely be participating at the next Golden State Expo and we’d like to thank everyone who stopped on by.

Of course, all this wouldn’t haven’t been possible if Monte didn’t show up for all his sessions – as well as this show – so a big up to Monte for his constant dedication. He’s been at this for a while and we can’t thank him enough. In the end, the awards are cool and all but regardless if you take one home, our art would never have a platform to showcase on if we didn’t have loyal customers like Monte, so thanks again to all of you who trust us with your skin. It’s truly an honor.




If you’re a fan of gangster flicks then you’re going to love this leg sleeve tattoo done by Robert Pho. The tattoo is a piece that speaks volumes about some of the greatest gangster movies (and movie characters) in film history. From Scarface, to Goodfellas and the Sopranos, this tattoo captures some of the greatest scenes from each movie or series.

Here’s a few of our favorite scenes….



If you’re a fan of Scarface or simply a fan of opulence and sheer excess, then this is the house of you. The house known as the “Scarface Mansion” is up for sale for and if you’ve got a cool 35 million dollars burning through your pocket than it can be yours. The estate, which is actually called El Fureidis, is located in Montecito, CA, and it looks like a love shack built for a royal bachelor. I mean, let’s be real, I don’t picture this being a home to raise a family, but I do see it hosting savage parties, making a great set for rap videos, and if Dan Bilzerian were to own it we could already imagine the throbbing gaggles of women that would be prancing around in absolute glory and thirstiness. Enjoy the flicks.


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Do you know how much trouble I could get into owning a spot like this?

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 This would be the backdrop for my daily selfies.


 A view from the roof top.