Step foot into Skin Design Tattoos, and it becomes clearly evident that we’re obsessed with minimalist design. From the smooth lines and all the LED accent lighting, our attention to detail went so far overboard that even our restrooms share the same design and ambiance. So when we got a chance to see the new concept F015 Mercedes we were instantly sold. This week at the CES Show in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz is displaying the F015 Luxury in Motion, a previously hinted-at concept car designed from the ground up for robotic transportation. Passengers normally sit face to face so they can talk more, and anyone can control the car through remote units and gestures — this is really a classic, luxurious carriage remade for the modern era, according to Mercedes.


The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion


The ultra-modern ride has color-coded LED lights on the front and back to let you know what the car is thinking and it’s a car that has it all. In all honesty, (and thanks to the Jetsons) this is the car we all thought we’d be driving by 2015, but in reality, it’s so far ahead of its time that we probably won’t get to actually buy – let alone drive it – for light years ahead.

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

Our CFO is probably trying to order this Benz right now. But only in his dreams will he ever be able to buy a car that’s only a design excercise.