Here’s a few flicks from a random day at Skin Design Tattoos. Captured by the lens of Andy Pho, that day was action packed with two collectors coming in to get additional work from Robert and Fernie. In the end, it was great to see all the artists and collectors appreciating each others art and we’ll have full profiles on these works of art once they’re healed.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics and have a great start of the week!











 We just updated Robert Pho’s gallery with a few new pieces. You can check out the new ink by clicking here!

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The inspiration behind this black and grey tattoo of Jesus, is the Pietà – an internationally heralded Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo.  Originally commissioned for the French Cardinal Jean de Bilheres, this sculpture was built as  a funeral monument, and the piece itself is a body of art depicting Jesus on the lap of Virgin Mary after he was crucified.


The Pietà (1498–1499) is a world-famous work art housed in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.

It’s an image to be contemplated, and the realism and weight of this statuary piece makes it one of the most adorned works of Michelangelo. Since its introduction, it has been the subject of many reincarnations by artists from past to present and a powerful piece which relates to death, sacrifice and human emotion. From the complexities of light vs shadow, and the finesse work used to sculpt the marble, the Pietà an art piece which holds weight both historically and artistically.


Who doesn’t love a good George Washington tattoo? Not only was good ol’ Mr. Washington, the very first President of the United States, but he also became the poster boy for trust, unity and wealth. Lately he’s also become the new face and icon of #MCM (Man Crush Monday)  for men and women all over the world and why not? Here’s a tattoo that our resident artist Fernie Andrade busted out last week.

It’s interesting to note that the face we’ve connected to wealth is also the face of the former President who also had his own financial woes. Here’s some little know facts about George Washington:

– George Washington had to borrow money to relocate and attend his own inauguration.

– George Washington never went to college.

– Mr. Washington had to borrow money more than once during his Presidency as most of his money was tied up in land holdings.


Do a Google search on “Frank Sinatra Tattoos” and you’ll find 845,000 results.

That said, the impact Frank Sinatra had back then is still present today, and after looking at his black and grey portrait done by Robert Pho, it not only provided inspiration for this post, but also insight on the man that changed an era who’s charm is still relevant today. Born Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra, the man in the tattoo was a star of stage and screen and long considered one of the finest vocalists of all time. Thanks to his status within the pantheon of great entertainers, it is also no surprise that Sinatra has became the subject matter of many tattoos and afternoon discussions. For those who are old enough to remember, Sinatra was the original teen idol and pop icon, and his legacy has stood the test of time.



Massive crowds forming for his show.

In reality, there are many who will enter an industry but very few who will change it, and Frank Sinatra was definitely one of them.  As an artist and musician, he changed the landscape of entertainment and made music that not only had an impact in the way we listened to music but also in the way we felt. His songs shared stories of personal statements, struggles, and life experiences and in the end, he left this earth well connected, well respected and never forgotten.



                                                                       A snapshot of the image that inspired the tattoo which the client wanted.

It wasn’t up until the Sixties that he made his way to Las Vegas, where he performed for sold out crowds at Caesars Palace, and though he’s long gone, his music lives forever and doubles as the back drop for the infamous Bellagio fountain show. To truly experience Vegas without hearing one of his tracks is pretty much impossible, and it really comes as no surprise that he’s become a legend even in modern times.

As the leader of the infamous “Rat Pack,” a group of entertainers who became the poster boys for hard drinking, partying, and the quintessential “boys night out.” Frank’s carousing is well documented and even after his death, the impact of his life became something of legend as the F.B.I. released a 1,300-page file that contained rumors of his ties to organized crime. Of course, it comes as no surprise that the man who was known for taking up to 12 showers a day came out “clean” as he was never officially linked to anything suspect.



A picture of epic proportions.







As we enter the holiday seasons, one of the most important and sentimental holidays for me is Thanksgiving. Just a few days away, it’s the one holiday that revolves around food, family and friends. It’s also a stress free occasion to cherish with those you truly appreciate – unless you’re the one cooking – and it’s also a time where you express sentiment to those who hold you down. In addition, it’s a holiday where we express gratitude; compassion and support to those you call family and with that said, I’d like to thank my Skin Design family. Through the thick and thin they’ve stuck by my side to create what we have today and for that I’m thankful and forever indebted. In addition, I would also like to take  the time to thank all those who believed in me for the past two decades. Without clients believing in my work (and even the naysayers who doubted – and motivated me), I would not be where I am today.

In addition, I have to thank the founding forefathers of the game as well as artists both past, present and future. As a family of artisans we’ve all helped create an industry that we enjoy today and together we can keep this industry as one that was built, maintained and regulated by us.  I say this because we’re at a critical moment in growth and its up to us to make sure that we hold tattooing up to the highest standards possible.

That said, I’m proud to release a newly revamped website which gives back to this amazing community. The new Skin Design Tattoo site still contains all the basic essentials but the one part that I’m most proud of is our decision to run content, which will be updated daily. From artist interviews, news and industry products, the team at Skin Design will be chronicling our industry from a global vantage and in the end our ultimate goal is to create a hub which will capture, educate and entertain the truly evolutionary spirit of tattoos.

Updates on the site will begin to launch next week so check back with us and enjoy this holiday with your loved ones!

With Respect,