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Lady Gaga tattoo by Fernie Andrade

Here’s a killer black and gray tattoo done just last week by resident artist, Fernie Andrade. This Lady Gaga tattoo was knocked out in one 10 hour session on Steve Kassakikian, and Fernie used his trusty Bishop Rotary machine to kill it. If you’d like to see more of Fernie’s work click here.



Black & Grey: Walter White tattoo by Fernie Andrade

The world’s obsession with Walter White is incredible. He is the classic example of an anti-hero. He’s the guy many of us wish we could become if we could get away with it – but then again that’s all Hollywood magic. Mr. White went from a cancer stricken teacher to a drug King Pin in just a few seasons of the hit series Breaking Bad, and his transformation, and the destruction of his moral compass is intriguing, entertaining and empowering.

So why do we fall in love with characters like Walter White? Maybe it’s because of the fact that we all have an evil side that we wish we could explore and act on. I mean c’mon, how many of us haven’t had the urge to just say f*ck it and let loose on someone simply because they talk too much? And don’t you wish you could just call it like it is, and put every buster we know on front street? Yeah…you get the point.

It’s human nature to do what our evil side tells us, but societal standards and moral values tend to stop us from doing so. So maybe this is why we’re obsessed with the bad guy. Walter White, as with any villain, serves as empowering characters because they’re riven by passion, rage and absolute disregard. It’s characters like this that give zero f*cks, and at the end of the day, it gives us the great escape from a world that’s become way too politically correct.





Artist Andy Pho updated his gallery with a few more new pieces. Be sure to stop by his gallery by clicking here and if you’re in or around the Vegas, or booking a trip, then be sure to stop by and see the incredible portfolios from our resident artists. Our artists specialize in everything from black and grey to color, from landscapes to portraits, from scripts to micro tattoos. Thanks for stopping by!



Here’s some flicks of the three tattoos that Fernie Andrade knocked out this past weekend at the Ink-N-Iron Festival which went down in Long Beach. These three tattoos shows his range, and also gives you a cool idea as to what he’s capable of. From Greek themed statuary to Roman Gods, all the way to your favorite Tim Burton characters he’s got you covered.


Tim Burton’s character Frankenweenie.


Tom Hank tattoo of the character he played in Saving Private Ryan. 



Over the past decade, tattoo artist Robert Pho, has received global acclaim as being one of the leading black and grey tattoo artists in the industry. Known best for his attention to detail, and his ability to create hyperrealistic portraits, Robert continues to hone his skills and master his craft, yet one little known fact about this humble artist is that he is also a painter.

Now what one may find most interesting about Robert, is the fact that he specializes in black and grey tattoos, but paints in color. It’s an anomaly which even he can’t explain, but there’s no question that his paintings hold the same depth as his tattoo work.

Robert’s collection of his own personal work, which has never been seen – or shown – to the general public, is what he refers to as a “passion project.” Each piece is inspired by culture, religion and history, and while he still chooses to keep them private, he has decided to create for the first time ever, a piece which will be showcased to the public.



This new piece was created specifically for  “Infinite Tide.”  The 16×24 mixed media canvas works around this years “ocean theme” and the idea behind his latest work centers around the transfer of knowledge, and the concept that both history and art is impermeable to nature, but susceptible to social distortion.

He further mentions that, “the piece was created to show that art can be visually admired, while the stories and factual truths behind the artifacts can only be passed on by the voice of each generation. In short, I believe that it’s up to make sure that the history is told as accurately as the art is drawn.”


About Kulture Klash: Curated by Tim Shelton of Still Life Tattoo, and Sullen Clothing, the gallery will showcase world Renowned Tattoo, Street, Contemporary, Low-Brow and Kustom Kulture artists. Housed in Ballroom Galleries aboard Queen Mary, the show will also extend to cover the countless structures off ship as they line walk ways and corridors filled with fine art, street art, and low brow art to bring together collectors from around the world. 






Elephant and lion tattoos rule the animal kingdom when it comes to tattoos.

The tattoo above was created by our family member, Fernie Andrade. Done a few years back, the tattoo was done on the thigh of a client and it remains one of the most talked about animal tattoos on the web.

So what does the elephant represent or symbolize?

Well, elephants represent a lot of things. They are identified as a symbol of strength and patience, while others see it as an imposing power which boasts authority. They actually have many meanings and are also associated with strength, royalty and ancient wisdom.

Watching these majestic animals has also taught us a lot. They’ve taught us about gentleness, commitment, trust and love. These deeply committed creatures are loyal to the soil, and they will go to extreme measures to protect their family.

The sheer strength of an elephant is unlike any other in their domain and they’re one of the most interesting animals in the world.

Elephants are also great team players. Actually they’re not great, they’re extraordinary. For a family of elephants to to survive in the wild they must all work together and stick with each other to fight for food and protect themselves from predators. An even more important part of their strategy to survive is their complex system of communication.

Here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about elephants:


Elephants are one of the more interesting animals to tattoo simply because of the detail of their wrinkles, but the wrinkles have a function. All the little folds help disperse heat from the animal and that’s why they take mud baths. The mud gets trapped in the little wrinkles and the moisture trapped in those folds helps continually cool the animal down. The mud also protects it from insects, sun and moisture loss.


The trunk of this powerful animal consists of 100,000 individual muscles – compared to the human body which has less than 800 individual muscles in total. Even more impressive is that the trunk is a few hundred times more sensitive in smell than any dog in the world. The reason it’s so effective is because the entire trunk is lined with olfactory sensors.

So how strong is their trunk? Well all those muscles translate into a powerful tool which holds a little over 2 gallons of water and can carry over 9,000 kilograms.


Elephants only have 4 teeth and they are all molars. There are two in the from to the mouth and two located in the back. But here’s where it gets interesting, when the front two wear down, they drop out and the two in the back move forward. Then 2 new molars grow in the back of the mouth to replace those that have moved forward. The back molars are able to be replaced 6 times throughout their life. When the last set wear out, they can no longer chew and die of starvation. Teeth are very symbolic, and are considered receivers and transmitters of energy linked by connecting paths throughout the astral body.


An elephant eats between 220 and 440 pounds of vegetation per day, but when you consider that they weight between 5,000 to 14,000 pounds, it should come as no surprise.






On the money: A tattoo of George Washington

It’s not uncommon to see George Washington or Benjamin Franklin tattoos and it’s with good reason. Money – or the lack thereof it  – is the reason we’re constantly on the grind. Money gives us options, money gives us a hope, and money is one piece of paper that can make or break your day.

Of course, the balance between money and happiness is the key to living a good life. A man with money, and no happiness, really has nothing at all and studies have even shown that money can actually demotivate us. But you don’t want to hear that, so let’s keep pushing.

On that note, here’s a few tattoos done by resident artist Fernie Andrade. The tattoos pay homage to the “dead presidents” and they’re powerful images that are sure to get your attention.


It’s all about the Benjamins.

We couldn’t end a post about money without including Wu Tang’s C.R.E.A.M.



The best memories are often created by looking back to see how far you’ve come. While we won’t say it was easy to build one of the biggest tattoo shops in Las Vegas, we will say that it was a fun and memorable experience. While digging through the archives I came across about 100 photos but I chose the best and most interesting to share.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.49.08 PM

What  a mess.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.47.57 PM


Fine lines.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.48.40 PM

The bones of our artist walls.

It took roughly a year to get things going and much like a tattoo, we started with a blank canvas. During the initial phase I sat down with architects so they could realize the vision of Skin Design, and after finalizing the CAD drawings we were off and running. The entire vision of Skin Design was to create a workspace that flowed, so we tried to eliminate as much of the straight walls as possible – which is why you see so many curved walls. Some have said that our studio has an aura of peace and tranquility, and others have said that the place seems to flow with energy. Was this my end game? Not really. While I’m blessed to hear such great feedback, I just really wanted to create a studio that doubled as a hub of creativity. I wanted to make sure that it was modern, inviting and a place that people could call home.


Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.48.18 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.49.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.48.40 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.48.29 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.49.36 PM


Especially being in a town that’s ruled by glitz, glamour, luxury and sophistication, the end result was to erect a place that would fit in with the Las Vegas atmosphere. After most of the main structure was up, I had the help of many artisans including Ray Oropeza, from Oropeza Customs, he helped create the Venetian plaster walls that you see scattered throughout our compound and to watch him and his crew work was pretty intense. Here’s a few more shots that show it prior to moving in our furniture.


Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.48.51 PM


In the end, the build was a tedious journey filled with many ups and downs but it was definitely worth the wait. Again, I’d like to thank everyone involved in this project and while also thanking everyone from both past and present who supported Skin Design. Without your continued support we could have never achieved this level of a build and we look forward to seeing you all soon. Thanks.

Before I sign off all I can tell any aspiring artist or shop owner is that you have to believe in your dream. The glamour of entrepreneurship is often clouded by what we want to see on IG. But here’s the reality of it all, behind the shiny walls and the polished floors are plenty of sleepless nights, headaches, panic attacks and self doubt. There will never be a business owner that will tell you that it was all fun and games. No one is immune to the growing pains of business, but when the times get tough you have to remember that you’re not alone. There are thousands, if not millions of people suffering to realize their dreams, and we come from all walks of life. Just remember that we  all operate in a state of perpetual uncertainty but if you truly believe in your vision, and have a passion for it, then stick with it and pave your own way.

Remember….Failure fuels success but complacency breeds a mediocre life, so stick up for what you believe in and I wish you all the best in your fights to fulfill your dreams, your wishes and your goals.









 Fans may not be to proud of the Laker’ current performance but you gotta love the devotion, and the work put into this tattoo. You can view more from SDT resident tattoist Fernie Andrade by clicking here.