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Here’s a few flicks from a random day at Skin Design Tattoos. Captured by the lens of Andy Pho, that day was action packed with two collectors coming in to get additional work from Robert and Fernie. In the end, it was great to see all the artists and collectors appreciating each others art and we’ll have full profiles on these works of art once they’re healed.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics and have a great start of the week!











Tattoos are the last thing you’d expect to see at the Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance, but this year they were in for not only a surprise, but a treat. This year, one of our crew from Skin Design Tatoo bought out his fully restored Porsche 356A, and people weren’t only surprised but also a bit shocked at the crew he took with him.

As the crew of four unloaded the car, they was plenty of finger pointing and a few snobbish looks but the rest were pretty damn cool. They offered assistance, asked if we were the help from some celebrity, but once we point to the owner, they were pretty shocked – but also glad that the 356 had reached a younger demo that was interested in vintage cars.


As the cars were being unloaded, many other entrants seemed curious about the tattoos which graced the arm of the owner and boy were they in for a surprise. “There were probably more questions about my tattoos, then about my car”, says Jay, the owner of the 356. “To tell you the truth, I’ve always been a fan of the Greystone Mansion car show, and for a quick minute I was curious to see the reaction of the older folks that attend this show” he adds.


While we’re not showing pics of the owner (who pretty much wants to remain private), we have a few photos from the day just to show you the type of venue and activities were in play for the day. In all, it was a successful day filled with plenty of laughs, and the introduction of new friends, but in the end, the greatest part of the show was to see that tattoos weren’t stereotyped as much as they were welcomed.

It’s also pretty funny to note that we walked away with much more knowledge and education about the Porsche brand, while many of the spectators and attendees learned that much more about tattoo culture. We want to thank the Greystone Mansion for welcoming Skin Design Tattoo and we’ll see you all next year with a new car in the works.


About Greystone Mansion:

History of Greystone

Greystone Mansion, and the surrounding grounds it shares its magnificent beauty with, are rich in California history. Edward Laurence Doheny, the original proprietor of the Greystone land, was born in 1856 in the small Midwestern town of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. By the time he was a young teen, Doheny’s adventuresome spirit and love of the wilderness led him to prospecting for gold and soon thereafter, oil. In 1892, Doheny and his friend Charles A. Canfield, were the first to strike oil in Los Angeles. They later discovered large oil deposits in Mexico which, combined with their Los Angeles holdings, made them the largest producers of oil in the world at that time.

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Edward Doheny and his wife Carrie Louella Wilkins had two children. Their first, a daughter Eileen, passed away when she was just seven years old. On November 6, 1893, their only son, Edward “Ned” Laurence Doheny, Jr., was born and grew up as heir to one of the world’s great financial empires. Ned went on to marry Lucy Smith of Pasadena and in 1926 Edward Laurence Doheny Sr. gave his son as a wedding gift a premium parcel of land consisting of 12.58 acres with sweeping citywide views.Construction of the palatial manor home began February 15, 1927 and although Ned, his wife Lucy, and their five children moved into the residence in September 1928, the estate took three years to complete at a cost of over $3 million, an almost unimaginable sum in real estate at the time.
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The original cost to construct Greystone’s entire estate was $3,166,578.12, the Mansion alone cost $1,238,378.76. The extraordinary result became known as Greystone for its abundant use of stone construction and its rather somber gray appearance. In addition to the Mansion, originally located on the grounds were stables and kennels, tennis courts, a fire station, gatehouse, swimming pool and pavilion, a greenhouse, a lake, babbling brooks and cascading waterfalls.But on the night of February 16, 1929, only five months after the family had moved in, Ned Doheny was found shot to death inside the home, at the age of 36 and the victim of an apparent murder-suicide perpetrated by his longtime personal friend and aid Hugh Plunket.


It’s the truth. Regardless of the industry you’re in there’s always going to be the naysayers, the doubters, the detractors and the haters trying to throw salt on your game. In short, you can stay in your lane and mind your own business but sooner than later, someones gonna swerve and try to disrupt your trip to the top.



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So what do you do when this happens? Nothing. Just keep your ego down, your skills up and keep making the moves that are making you that much more popular. Remember….Elephants don’t swat flies and no one has ever achieved greatness without a little bit of negative press.

Black and Grey tattoo by Fernie Andrade on Alphonse. This tattoo won “Tattoo of the Day” at Musink.



Inspiration behind the post: 
Recently,  I was talking to a friend (who by the way is not in the tattoo industry), and he was talking about the amount of heat he caught for recently getting a big promotion. Needless to say, people in the office were talking smack and spreading rumors and after a week it finally got to him.

About an hour into our conversation, his grand father came out and said, “Listen up cry baby, elephants don’t swat flies and people don’t talk garbage about nobody, they talk about somebody, and you’re somebody. So suck it up, and strive for more.” 


 What’s your point of view?

As we both sat there laughing, he pulled open the sliding doors with a beer in his hand and said, “This is my point of view…who cares about anyone elses point of view. I built this house on hard work, not gossip, and anyone can do the same.”

As we sat there kind of stunned he followed up by saying, “Jealousy isn’t new. It’s older than I am except  you kids call it ‘hating’, it’s a part of life, a part of the process, and a sign that you’re doing just fine. Ask MJ or Kobe if everyone liked them, or better yet ask Kim Kardashian, heck she married a guy that looks like a squirrel but heck…he’s got a whole lot of chestnuts in his piggy bank. “

Wise words from an 86 year old.

Contributed by SDT writer JV – An LA based writer with an affinity for tattoos, long drives to the beach and an intolerance for stupidity. 


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