Tattoos are breaking international boundaries and with the help of a legion of supporters it’s only going to grow. With tattoo conventions and expos popping up all around the globe, it’s good to know that we can now include Cairo, Egypt as one of our next places to visit and showcase our art.


The first ever Cairo tattoo expo went down just a few days ago in Egypt and the two day exhibition brought together all mediums of tattoo culture. The expo, which took place inside the Nowhereland Gallery, was organized by owner Orne Gil and when asked what prompted the event, she said, “The aim is to introduce tattoo art into the Middle East and especially in Cairo at a higher level. People are afraid of it because it’s something permanent.”

One attendee at the show added,“People here in Egypt generally believe that tattoos are only for criminals and gay people. That’s not the case.”

Congratulations to Orne on a job well done and we’re looking forward to her second event which she says will be much bigger.



An Egyptian themed tattoo which was done by Robert Pho