Have you recently noticed a surge in Starbucks employees with tattoos? I have.

Like a crack-fiend, I’ve been going to Starbucks religiously and I notice everything. I can tell if their La Boulange pecan tarts have been sitting, and I have such a close relationship to their sweets that I can tell by looking at them if the shit is fresh or stale – and I use the term “sweets” in reference to their baked goods…and not the baristas I’ve dated.

Call it a sickness, or the fear of biting into a Madeleine that tastes like a stack of communion, but either way I know my goods. But seriously, as of late, there are more and more baristas with tattoos. From cute little tattoos, to half and full-sleeves, I’ve noticed them popping up here and there so one day I decided to ask in a joking manner if having one was some sort of new rite of passage to work there.Needless to say, one employee told me that a Starbucks worker named Kristie Williams started a campaign to end the company’s previous ban on visible tattoos.


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.47.16 PM

Starbucks new U.S. Retail Dress Code Guideline.

After looking it up, I found out that the campaign was started online through a site called, and the overwhelming response got her over 25,000 signatures in support! Of course, Starbucks did the politically correct thing and announced on October 20,2014 that they will allow employees to show non-offensive, visible tattoos so long as they are not on the face or throat. That’s great news for Starbucks employees as well as the tattoo community. It’s also a great example of how one woman’s voice, fortitude, and willingness to create change made for a better workplace which is more accepting of a culture that is built on self-expression and creativity!


Story by contributor Jay V.