Wanna go wake boarding but got no boat? Or do you have a boat but no driver? Well if you’re void of a boat, a driver, waves or friends, then look no further than this new electric jet board by Onean.

Onean’s Carver electric jet board uses a 4400W dual-core brushless electric motor and a high-efficiency axial water pump to help solve all your problems. Constructed of a CNC-shaped EPS core, it’s a killer concept that’s sure to make for tons of fun. You can visit them by clicking here. he board itself is made with sandwich construction and a CNC-shaped EPS core, but when compared to surfing with a jet below your feet, that seems far less important. If, for whatever reason, you want to take things a little easy, Onean is also taking pre-orders on a wider, more relaxed cruiser called the Manta.