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Looking for a clown tattoo? Here’s a great example. 




When a client approached tattoo artist Robert Pho to do a sleeved clown tattoo, it was game on. This assembly of clowns and circus themed tattoos came out incredible and it’s the start of a massive body suit which is simply, clownin’. With existing tattoos being removed via laser, this body suit is a work in progress and it’s sure to go down as legendary. In addition to clowns and circus themes, this person also decided to include multiple themes on different body parts including one leg sleeve tattoo which is family oriented, and another leg which is all mob related.

In all, it’s an intense piece that will be revealed in entirety soon enough so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on any more progress. As always, thanks for stopping by the site and hope you’re having a great Monday!




Sexy tattoos.

Today’s work flow revolves around this full tattooed body suit which is being done by artist Robert Pho on SDT’s good friend Leo. She’s been busy lasering off older work and filling it with new black and grey ink from Rob, and the end result is going to be amazing.

Leo’s been devoting plenty of her time, energy and patience into this full body suit and let’s just say that pictures do the work absolutely no justice. Stay tuned for more leaks and updates.

Please visit Robert’s gallery to see more of her tattoos.


Every tattoo shops worst nightmare? What would you do if this was your customer?

While this guy was a total spaz, I’d have to say that he was a lot more entertaining than the lady in the first video. 



Black & Grey: Walter White tattoo by Fernie Andrade

The world’s obsession with Walter White is incredible. He is the classic example of an anti-hero. He’s the guy many of us wish we could become if we could get away with it – but then again that’s all Hollywood magic. Mr. White went from a cancer stricken teacher to a drug King Pin in just a few seasons of the hit series Breaking Bad, and his transformation, and the destruction of his moral compass is intriguing, entertaining and empowering.

So why do we fall in love with characters like Walter White? Maybe it’s because of the fact that we all have an evil side that we wish we could explore and act on. I mean c’mon, how many of us haven’t had the urge to just say f*ck it and let loose on someone simply because they talk too much? And don’t you wish you could just call it like it is, and put every buster we know on front street? Yeah…you get the point.

It’s human nature to do what our evil side tells us, but societal standards and moral values tend to stop us from doing so. So maybe this is why we’re obsessed with the bad guy. Walter White, as with any villain, serves as empowering characters because they’re riven by passion, rage and absolute disregard. It’s characters like this that give zero f*cks, and at the end of the day, it gives us the great escape from a world that’s become way too politically correct.



Half the battle of getting what you want is getting there, and getting there seems to be a problem – especially in this day and age where technology makes everything quicker. Today, technology and texting has created a culture of impatience. We want everything instantly and all of a sudden the little things like traffic and distance have become obstacles. Nowadays, the simple things we used to enjoy have become a struggle and now sites like Amazon and Zappos, which have become our best friends.

So every time we get customers flying in from out of town, we feel not only blessed, but also thankful – and a bit childish for ever complaining about the little things in life like traffic. Sometimes we become creatures of habit, but then again it’s up to us to learn from each other, and there’s definitely plenty that we learn on a daily basis not only about about our clients…but from our clients.


Just yesterday, Troy flew in from Florida to get a portrait of his father done by Robert Pho.

It’s not uncommon to have people fly in to get tatted, and in the past week alone we’ve had about half a dozen clients fly in from Australia. Now let’s not forget those that have driven from San Francisco, Arizona and Los Angeles. Those drive times alone would be enough to drive anyone crazy but then again we’re in Las Vegas, and there’s plenty of activity to partake in once you get here.

As always, we feel fortunate that our clients put in the extra work to get here and the bottom line is we’re thankful for any client, regardless if they travel from abroad or just a few blocks away. With many good tattoo shops in Las Vegas, it’s always blessing to be chosen and we’re forever grateful.


Thanks to Troy for trusting us with father’s portrait. 

Troy’s father passed away nine years ago and he wanted to memorialize his father by getting a portrait done, so he had this piece inked by Rob. The reference photo used was one of Troy’s favorite photos of his father and the piece turned out incredible. Getting a portrait done is so personal and so meaningful and we take great pride in doing them. To see these pieces come to life is invigorating and powerful, and we’d like to thank Troy once again for coming down. We’re sure your father is looking down proud.


“You have to be really careful; you are going to lose a good sector if you have a no-tattoo policy.” Those were the words quoted from, Brian Elzweig, associate professor of business law atat A&M-Corpus Christi and co-author of a paper published last week on the topic. “But the difference now is that employers have to weigh that against what percentage of the applicant pool they would be immediately giving up.”

The article is basically saying that the employers could be losing good talent if they’re biased against hiring those with tattoos or body piercings. Although, a duo of professors at Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi recently researched corporate trends in the workplace and what they found is that there is still a “stigma.”


Never judge a book by its cover. Such an old adage, yet rarely practiced by some.


A Harris Poll from 2008 showed the following:

– People between 25 and 49 years of age were getting tattooed at a much higher rate than previous generations.

– Close to a third of folks from 25 through 29 years of age, and a fourth ages 30 to 39 had ink, compared to a small nine percent of those 65 and older. 

When it comes to ink, “The general rule is you’re allowed to discriminate,” says Elzweig. Aside from losing potential talent in the work force, companies should also consider that something much more costly can happen: lawsuits. In recent years, tattoo-related cases which went to court required companies to submit evidence that their business went through actual hardship because of tatted employees. For example, the report said, “some courts are now requiring data to support blanket claims that customers would not like to be served by employees with tattoos or piercings.”

The report was used in reference to a case which was submitted back in 2005 by a former Red Robin employee. The manager had asked him to cover up his tattoos, and when the employee challenged them in court, he said it would be “a sin”, since the tattoo was part of an ancient Egyptian religion.  Needless to say the court ruled in his favor and the case settled at $150,000. You can view the full case here.

The researchers’ report suggests, though, that passing on applicants or going through costly lawsuits may not be worth it.