A cool expose on graf artist KRINK.

Craig Costello, has been making graf history and as a graffiti artist and the mastermind behind KRINK. He’s created a notorious brand responsible for cool drip style markers, mops, and fire extinguishers.

As a punk kid growing up in Queens, Craig would scavenge for supplies to paint the walls and buildings of New York. His desire to create larger pieces and invent unique graffiti tools led to the development of his internationally recognized ink and paint brand Krink Inc. Craig’s signature style morphed out of his modifications and innovations with paint tools; using a fire extinguisher filled with paint and paint markers rather than spray paint, his style became an instant hit in many cities around the world.

Do what you love, and the rest falls into place.




Huy Fong Foods’ “Sriracha” chili sauce has become an icon in the food world. Its distinct taste and packaging, has made it a must have in kitchens all across the world and it’s the one luxury we can all afford.  Now they’re about to break boundaries once again with the release of their new Bearbricks which will be released along with multi-brand store BAIT and a collaboration with Medicom Toy and graffiti artist Sket One.

This new toy will be produced as part of a new 100% and 400% Bearbrick collection, marking Huy Fong Foods’ first ever Medicom Beabrick rendition, one ear from each size is presented in bottle cap green with a monochromatic red “natural color” body that has been completed with the usual white ingredient labelling across its back detail. The sauce’s rooster logo that bears reference to founder David Tran’s Chinese zodiac symbol has been printed across the chest compartment of each bear. Exclusive to this year’s San Diego Comic Con from July 4 at BAIT’s booth, the 100% and 400% “Sriracha” Medicom Bearbrick collection is scheduled for a yet unspecified online release and comes packaged together as a set for $125 USD. Stay tuned for further updates.


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