The inspiration behind this black and grey tattoo of Jesus, is the Pietà – an internationally heralded Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo.  Originally commissioned for the French Cardinal Jean de Bilheres, this sculpture was built as  a funeral monument, and the piece itself is a body of art depicting Jesus on the lap of Virgin Mary after he was crucified.


The Pietà (1498–1499) is a world-famous work art housed in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.

It’s an image to be contemplated, and the realism and weight of this statuary piece makes it one of the most adorned works of Michelangelo. Since its introduction, it has been the subject of many reincarnations by artists from past to present and a powerful piece which relates to death, sacrifice and human emotion. From the complexities of light vs shadow, and the finesse work used to sculpt the marble, the Pietà an art piece which holds weight both historically and artistically.


Who doesn’t love a good George Washington tattoo? Not only was good ol’ Mr. Washington, the very first President of the United States, but he also became the poster boy for trust, unity and wealth. Lately he’s also become the new face and icon of #MCM (Man Crush Monday)  for men and women all over the world and why not? Here’s a tattoo that our resident artist Fernie Andrade busted out last week.

It’s interesting to note that the face we’ve connected to wealth is also the face of the former President who also had his own financial woes. Here’s some little know facts about George Washington:

– George Washington had to borrow money to relocate and attend his own inauguration.

– George Washington never went to college.

– Mr. Washington had to borrow money more than once during his Presidency as most of his money was tied up in land holdings.