Here’s a progress shot of a clown themed tattoo being done on Monte by Robert Pho. 

Ever want a clown tattoo? I know I do. As little children, clowns brought us joy and memories of the circus and cotton candy, but those sweet memories slowly transcended into ones more associated with hamburgers and Happy Meals – thanks to Ronald McDonald. Then as we enter adulthood, something strange happens, and clowns become an entity that strikes fear in our minds and terrifies us beyond belief.


Who knows? Maybe it has something to do with being old enough to watch horror movies that triggers and introduces this fear. I remember growing up watching Magic with Anthony Hopkins, and there was something frightening and eerie about that mannequin…..but it was nothing, compared to that f*ckin clown in IT from Stephen King.

Again, I can’t pinpoint the actual cause, but maybe it has to do with the fact that behind the mask and suit is a person with evil intentions.  Regardless, my fear of them has slowly evolved into an obsession with them. They’re powerful, mysterious, incredibly freakish and you yet there’s something intriguing and ironic about something so evil always smiling and never breaking character.

Right? When have you ever seen a clown not happy?


That said, this clown themed tattoo done by Robert Pho is an incredible piece that’ll have you mesmerized and we’ll have more pictures of this clown sleeve shortly. It’s still a work in progress and we’ll have the final pictures, as well as the full story behind this theme shortly. On another note, if you’ve ever seen the gangster themed leg sleeve that we previously featured, well he’s the same owner of this sleeve so you already know that this is going to be one hell of a body suit once it’s all buttoned up.


Horror movies have long been America’s favorite obsession. Maybe it’s our fascination with the unknown, or the frailty and ignorance of youth that makes it all worth while. As for me, I know that horror movies helped get me closer to the ladies, but that was millenniums ago. Now the only thing they seem to like, which is equally scary, is a scary movie and the bill your paying for wining and dining them. And let’s not talk about the horror of waking up next to them without makeup.

But all joking aside, horror movies are so immensely popular that we’ve seen them come back to life time and time again. From dolls to tattoos, posters to apparel, the horror industry has dominated them all.  They’ve garnished billions and when it comes films, it’s a big thing. Take the Saw Trilogy for instance. The movie cost a mere $15.2 million to make, but in the long run it grossed over $415 million and the numbers are still climbing.




Bu here’s another interesting fact, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street have some of the largest fan bases and the most sequels of any horror movies and they’re beat out only by the James Bond franchise and certain porn series’ – ha….go figure.

So as I sit here writing this, I’m polishing off my 5th cup of Jameson and I’m starting to ramble on but this all came about after seeing this dope ass tattoo by Robert. The horror themed masterpiece had me in awe about a few things. For starters, the work is brilliant and the detail so real it takes me back to childhood. On the other hand, I can appreciate the characters for the audience they’ve built but I’m also bewildered as to how I was ever scared of them?


Fast forward to present day, these same characters like Doctor Frankenstein and The Monster of the Black Lagoon are now pop icons of art and age. Yet regardless of what we like and what we love, horror flicks and the creepy places they take us are magical. Who knows, maybe it’s the power of the villain, the audacity and lack of fear they have for their victims, or maybe it’s the vulnerability of how they make us feel. Needless to say, they’re here to stay and what’s even better is that these characters seem to have no shelf life.