Las Vegas has always been known for the glitz, the glamour and its insane night life, but they’ve also become famous for fine cuisine, world class resorts and now it can include tattoos.

Skin Design Tattoo has become the leading purveyor of the fine art tattoos in the Las Vegas area. Aside from their stunning work, their attention to detail is evident in everything from the products they carry, the artists they employ all the way to the way they designed their HQ.

With a 4,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility, Skin Design Tattoo wanted to make sure that the Vegas experience doesn’t end at the Strip. Located just a few minutes from the infamous Strip, Skin Design has become a global icon housing some of the best black and grey tattoo artists in the game.


So if you’re looking for portraits, landscapes, memorial tattoos – or even laser tattoo removal – then stop on by and see what we’re all about. With over 50 years of collective experience, our staff is geared at providing the ultimate tattoo experience and all consultations are free so stop on by.



Joan Sebastian tattoo by Fernie Andrade. 

This memorial tattoo of Joan Sebastian was done by Las Vegas tattoo artist, Mr. Andrade. Mr. Sebastian was the fabled Mexican singer/songwriter who rose from the ranks of a poverty-stricken childhood in Mexico, and became one of the most recorded, acclaimed and best selling acts in Mexico.

Aside from being a musician, Joan Sebastian was an accomplished producer, actor on both television and film but set all those aside and he was known as being one of the best entertainers of our time. Some of his accomplishments include insane Billboard charts, up until his passing.

He charted 10 top 10 sets on Top Latin Albums, including two No. 1s: En Vivo: Desde La Plaza El Progreso De Guadalajara (2001) and 13 Celebrando El 13 (2013), his last studio album.



Black & Grey Tattoo sleeve by Fernie Andrade

Las Vegas has absolutely no shortage of tattoo artists, or tattoo shops. With hundreds of tattooists to choose from, there’s a huge selection of faces and places to choose from but we’re proud to staff some of the best artists in town. The creative geniuses on our staff deliver tattoos that are bar none some of the best not only in Vegas – but in the world – and the proof is in their portfolios.

The tattoo above, was done by resident SDT artist Fernie Andrade, and his work is some of the most sought after in the game. Typical booked months out, it is advised that you book far in advance and it comes as no surprise that his list continually gets longer. Fernie’s attention to detail and ability to seamlessly merge multiple images, makes him a world class artist and we’re proud to have him as part of the SDT Family.

If you would like to view more of his work then please visit his portfolio by clicking here.



Come through or stop on by.

Our good friend and great tattoo artist, Bryan Ramirez from UTG (Under the Gun) will be guest spotting with us today so pass through and be sure to scope us out at the Las Vegas Tattoo Show aka BTSOE (Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth) this weekend.



Disney inspired tattoos have long been popular but now a Florida-based illustrator Joel Santana, is giving us inspiration with a little remix. In his world, Disney characters are reimagined as pinup girls with tattoos and his play on these characters is absolutely remarkable.


During a recent interview with Cosmopolitan he said, “Belle isn’t just posing; she’s reading and sitting on a pile of books, and being inked by the Beast, who’s sort of in the shadows,” Santana said. “This was a way of echoing his dark side of the mansion where he lives in the film … I wanted to tell parts of the story to give the piece dimension.”


Be sure to follow this stellar artist because this is just the start of a project which is sure to become viral.



While we’re on the subject of Star Wars related topics, check out this new video by Daft Punk. Known best for sporting their signature helmets, Daft Punk teamed up with Infectious Designer, a creator of short films with video game and sci-fi origins, to create this impressive video.

Aside from the Star Wars references, there are some cool segments in the video where at one point, a vintage Camaro kicks into hyperdrive and in another visual, you can see Darth Vader peddling a lowrider bicycle with Boba Fett being pulled behind it.

Simply put. It’s an epic video.



Tattoo of Philip Hansen “Phil” Anselmo

Here’s a slick new piece that was done by resident artist Andy Pho. He did this tattoo while working the Pacific Ink & Art Expo (Hawaii Tattoo Expo), and the end results were great. The tattoo is based off of an image of Phil Anselmo, the former lead singer of Pantera, and the current frontman for Down.

The portrait tattoo was done on Maui resident, John Garcia, and in the picture it shows Phil holding the guitar of deceased band member Dimebag Darrell. It’s a powerful picture which makes for an even more powerful tattoo, and we’ll post up some healed pictures of this piece once they become available.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the booth this past weekend! We appreciate the continued support and hospitality from our ohana!




Here’s a progress shot of a clown themed tattoo being done on Monte by Robert Pho. 

Ever want a clown tattoo? I know I do. As little children, clowns brought us joy and memories of the circus and cotton candy, but those sweet memories slowly transcended into ones more associated with hamburgers and Happy Meals – thanks to Ronald McDonald. Then as we enter adulthood, something strange happens, and clowns become an entity that strikes fear in our minds and terrifies us beyond belief.


Who knows? Maybe it has something to do with being old enough to watch horror movies that triggers and introduces this fear. I remember growing up watching Magic with Anthony Hopkins, and there was something frightening and eerie about that mannequin…..but it was nothing, compared to that f*ckin clown in IT from Stephen King.

Again, I can’t pinpoint the actual cause, but maybe it has to do with the fact that behind the mask and suit is a person with evil intentions.  Regardless, my fear of them has slowly evolved into an obsession with them. They’re powerful, mysterious, incredibly freakish and you yet there’s something intriguing and ironic about something so evil always smiling and never breaking character.

Right? When have you ever seen a clown not happy?


That said, this clown themed tattoo done by Robert Pho is an incredible piece that’ll have you mesmerized and we’ll have more pictures of this clown sleeve shortly. It’s still a work in progress and we’ll have the final pictures, as well as the full story behind this theme shortly. On another note, if you’ve ever seen the gangster themed leg sleeve that we previously featured, well he’s the same owner of this sleeve so you already know that this is going to be one hell of a body suit once it’s all buttoned up.


A native platinum nugget.
While this has absolutely nothing to do with tattoos, it’s definitely pretty cool news because an asteroid which is supposed to have up to 90 million tons of platinum will be swooshing by us tonight. Along with other rare and precious materials, this platinum-rich asteroid has been officially named “2011 UW158”. The huge ball of wealth is supposed to measure in at 452 meters by 1,011 meters in size and will pass Earth at a distance of an estimated 2.4 million kilometers – and that’s the problem.
Although it will be 30 times closer to Earth than the closest planet of the Solar system, when the asteroid does pass, it will still be six times further away than the moon’s orbit, so it will be impossible to see 2011 UW158 with the naked eye.

It will be possible to watch 2011 UW158 LIVE at Slooh’s Live Stadium at 22:00 GMT on Sunday.



Every tattoo shops worst nightmare? What would you do if this was your customer?

While this guy was a total spaz, I’d have to say that he was a lot more entertaining than the lady in the first video.