Tattoos have influenced more than just skin. Tattoo culture has created a hub of self-expression which is being felt all across the spectrum, and the love it has received can be seen in products and industries all across the world. From tech to apparel, the art we practice provides a unique look of personalization and this fart catcher, aka “chair”, is a great example .

The Grand Prix chair, which was released back in 1957 by 
Arne Jacobsen, is a cult classic. It’s a timeless piece of furniture which further proves that great design can stand the test of time, and as if it weren’t enough to just relaunch the chair, half a century later, the Republic of Fritz Hansen™ decided to bring it back with flair. This time around they launched the Grand Prix limited edition chair, and did so with the help project of manager, Diego Grandi, and famed Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda.


Tattooist Pietro Sedda putting his touches on the famous chair. 

In recent interviews, Diego Grandi was quoted as saying that he wanted to “celebrate the authenticity of the chair by writing a story directly onto its skin.” He further mentions, “The lines of this iconic chair evoke the grace of the human body”, and it was a “body to be decorated”, which is why he decided to work with the famed tattooist.

With only nine being produced (7 in wood and two in leather), you’ll be hard-pressed to find one, but please believe that we’re on the lookout.