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Do you remember your first tattoo? Was it an impulse move? A drunken choice? Or was it carefully planned out? Regardless of how you got there, it’s a decision that could be nerve-racking to say the least.

So what do you get for your first tattoo? Well that’s up to you. You’ve got a ton of choices and the times have changed. Back in the day, your first tattoo might have been a name, a rose, a pic of a pitbull or something small like a tribal band. Remember those days?



 How’s that for a first tattoo?


Well fast forward to present day and things have changed. Folks are still getting names, roses and smaller items, but more and more people (both men and women) are opting to go big and that’s exactly the case with William Thomas. After doing his homework on artists, William made the decision to fly in from Colorado to get tattooed by SDT resident artist Fernie Andrade, and the end result was nothing short of stellar.

William decided to book three full-day sessions consecutively, and after roughly 24 hours (8 hour sessions a day x 3) he walked out with the incredible piece you see here. The arm sleeve features a forearm tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, an arm piece which features a masquerading woman, as well as Salvador Dali and a melting clock which was from one of Dali’s most famous works of art, “The Persistence of Memory.”



Marilyn Monroe tattoo on forearm.


All throughout his tattoos there are details which tie-in each of the main pieces together. From roses, to skulls and smoke, the overall piece is impressive and speaks volumes about Williams commitment to getting it done while doubling as testament to his pain tolerance and careful planning.

We’re blessed and honored to have been trusted to do his first piece and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress because there’s more to come.




Salvador Dali and The Persistence of Memory.



It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post. It’s never easy dealing with the passing of a friend but Bob Baxter was more than a friend, he was family. He was a part of my family, he was family to many in our industry, an ambassador of tattoo culture, and he’ll be missed.

I vividly remember being interviewed by Bob Baxter years ago, and the interview was unlike others I’ve done. He stayed over at my house for days on in just to make sure he got all the information he needed. There were no pens, there were no recorders, there was no note taking. Bob’s form of interviewing was more like casual conversation, and his ability to recall what was discussed was as sharp as it gets.


In the end, he ended up writing an article that was a master piece. (You can view it here). Bob was a powerful writer, who blessed many of us with his brilliant articles, but even more impactful was the kindness of his heart. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, always looked out for those in need, and above and beyond what he did for this industry, are his unforgettable acts of kindness, the memories of his great character and the priceless moments, memories and stories he left us all.

Thank you for everything Bob.

Robert Pho


Aside from the Roseland Ballroom in New York (and Asheville North Carolina several years back), I can’t remember the last time I attended a major tattoo convention. Looking back, I think the last show I went to may have been Ink & Iron and that was way back in 2008 so it was refreshing to be able to hit up Musink this past weekend.


Family affair.


As with any show, I had the pre show jitters but once I got there I felt like I was back at home. With friends, family and familiar faces all around, it was good to be back and this years show was definitely  memorable because I had the family there to hold me down. Although I was only able to attend for a day it was definitely a good time. I got to see a lot of old friends and meet quite a few new ones and all I can say is a lot of stuff changed in the years that have past. There’s plenty of new faces, new artists and it’s good to see that our industry is growing.


 The mandatory surprise selfie.



I gotta say thanks again to the Skin Design Fam for holding down the fort at Musink. I’m honored that both Fernie and Vic took home awards for their work and it’s well deserved because they’ve definitely put in the time, effort and dedication to master their craft. Till next time…be blessed and we’ll see you all soon! – RP


Monte posted and ready for the next session.


You gotta love it.







More photos to come soon. Please check back in later….


Here’s a few flicks from a random day at Skin Design Tattoos. Captured by the lens of Andy Pho, that day was action packed with two collectors coming in to get additional work from Robert and Fernie. In the end, it was great to see all the artists and collectors appreciating each others art and we’ll have full profiles on these works of art once they’re healed.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics and have a great start of the week!










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 We just updated Robert Pho’s gallery with a few new pieces. You can check out the new ink by clicking here!

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Half the battle of getting what you want is getting there, and getting there seems to be a problem – especially in this day and age where technology makes everything quicker. Today, technology and texting has created a culture of impatience. We want everything instantly and all of a sudden the little things like traffic and distance have become obstacles. Nowadays, the simple things we used to enjoy have become a struggle and now sites like Amazon and Zappos, which have become our best friends.

So every time we get customers flying in from out of town, we feel not only blessed, but also thankful – and a bit childish for ever complaining about the little things in life like traffic. Sometimes we become creatures of habit, but then again it’s up to us to learn from each other, and there’s definitely plenty that we learn on a daily basis not only about about our clients…but from our clients.


Just yesterday, Troy flew in from Florida to get a portrait of his father done by Robert Pho.

It’s not uncommon to have people fly in to get tatted, and in the past week alone we’ve had about half a dozen clients fly in from Australia. Now let’s not forget those that have driven from San Francisco, Arizona and Los Angeles. Those drive times alone would be enough to drive anyone crazy but then again we’re in Las Vegas, and there’s plenty of activity to partake in once you get here.

As always, we feel fortunate that our clients put in the extra work to get here and the bottom line is we’re thankful for any client, regardless if they travel from abroad or just a few blocks away. With many good tattoo shops in Las Vegas, it’s always blessing to be chosen and we’re forever grateful.


Thanks to Troy for trusting us with father’s portrait. 

Troy’s father passed away nine years ago and he wanted to memorialize his father by getting a portrait done, so he had this piece inked by Rob. The reference photo used was one of Troy’s favorite photos of his father and the piece turned out incredible. Getting a portrait done is so personal and so meaningful and we take great pride in doing them. To see these pieces come to life is invigorating and powerful, and we’d like to thank Troy once again for coming down. We’re sure your father is looking down proud.


We’ve all know that tattoos are a form of self expression but now psychologists are getting more than just skin deep. Assistant psychology professor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Jamie Hughes, says the practice “is not demonized like it used to be.”

She further adds, “In my field, social psychology, we tend to look at things in terms of group behavior and social norms,” Hughes said. “If a number of people in your social network have tattoos, the attractiveness of getting one increases. It’s one way to be respected by people they respect or admire.”



Some tattoos are memorials to those who have helped change society. Take for example this piece of MLK and Malcolm X which was done by Las Vegas artist Robert Pho.

Hughes further adds that cable TV shows about tattooing has helped increase its popularity while musicians and athletes have long been influencers in the scene. Those factors have strengthened the phenomenon; however, he does say that the increased popularity may have an affect on the Millenials simply because young people often want to do things differently than their elders.
“Seeing it on TV increases your belief that it is a normative and acceptable thing to do,” Hughes said. “Young people want to form their own identity and be different, distinguish themselves from others, so it is part of their social identity formation.’”



Some tattoos, like this one done by resident artist Fernie Andrade, represent their religious belief as well family members. 

In his interview he ask mentions that, “I think the main reasons [for the increased popularity of tattoos] are the symbolism and the amazing talent some of these guys have,” Nixon said. “It’s a change in the culture with social media. You used to see it looked at in a negative way with gangs and prisons, but now it’s more accepted.”


Patrick came down all the way from San Francisco to get tatted, and he sat through this session and more. We’ll have the full story posted up on Monday so check back in and have a great weekend!