If you’re looking to get a meaningful portrait tattoo, but can’t find a figure that represents something powerful (and isn’t overly used), then here’s a few people that may inspire you. The stories of these popular, yet not too famous people are incredible, and they have all displayed an unmistakable will to survive that makes them heroes in their own right.

Take for example the guy pictured on the header of this post. His name is Simo “Simuna” Häyhä , and he was nicknamed “White Death” by the Red Army. He was a Finnish marksman that used Finnish M / 28-30 rifles,  in the Winter War, and killed at least 505 men – the highest recorded number of confirmed sniper kills in any major war. It was an incredible feat that goes down in history, especially when you consider that he did it all in 100 days – which technically means he had to kill roughly 5 people a day.

Of course there are many more people who could have qualified for the list, but if you for one minute were thinking that Chuck Norris should have been on the list, then please jump off your local bridge. OK…we’re kidding don’t do that. But just remember that a tattoo lasts a lifetime, so pick someone that you’ll be comfortable sporting because a tattoo can offer a life time of pride…..or shame.