On the money: A tattoo of George Washington

It’s not uncommon to see George Washington or Benjamin Franklin tattoos and it’s with good reason. Money – or the lack thereof it  – is the reason we’re constantly on the grind. Money gives us options, money gives us a hope, and money is one piece of paper that can make or break your day.

Of course, the balance between money and happiness is the key to living a good life. A man with money, and no happiness, really has nothing at all and studies have even shown that money can actually demotivate us. But you don’t want to hear that, so let’s keep pushing.

On that note, here’s a few tattoos done by resident artist Fernie Andrade. The tattoos pay homage to the “dead presidents” and they’re powerful images that are sure to get your attention.


It’s all about the Benjamins.

We couldn’t end a post about money without including Wu Tang’s C.R.E.A.M.






Tattoos as wedding bands? Why not? When Andy & Erica decided to tie the knot they opted for a mark of commitment that can’t be lost or misplaced, so they went with what’s often been referred to as “ring” or “wedding band” tattoos.

In the past few years, these small and ornate pieces have become increasingly popular, and couples are inking their love and commitment in various ways. From celtic knots, hearts, to initials and skulls, couples are expressing their devotion in ways that are strikingly interesting.

This particular piece shown here was done on resident artist Andy Pho, and the ink was done by his brother and founder of Skin Design, Robert Pho. In what captures the moment best, the couple decided to ink each others initials in a classic font style which was migrated into filigree accents.

Well have more pictures of their tattoos shortly and thanks for dropping by the site.




Not into something dainty? Then how about these finger tattoos done by Fernie Andrade?


If you live in the Las Vegas area be sure to tune into Channel 13 Action News. Tonight there will be a special segment featuring the gorgeous Megan Telles, as she interviews Anthony on his decision to get a tattoo of Manny Pacquiao.


Anthony and Megan Telle


Lights. Camera. Lounge.


Anthony takes the mandatory selfie at the Channel 13 Action News HQ.


So what is a Garuda? The Garuda is one of the three principal animal deities in the Hindu Mythology that has evolved after the Vedic Period in Indian history. The other two are Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of the goddess Durgha, and Hanuman, the monkey god. It is after Garuda that the Indonesian National Airlines is named. Even today, Garuda is much revered by devout Hindus for his ethics and his strength in applying his ethics to correct evil-doers.

Garuda is the king of the birds. He mocks the wind with the speed of his flight. As the appointed charger of Vishnu he is venerated by all, including humans. Garuda is the son of Kashyap, a great sage, and Vinata, a daughter of Daksha, a famous king. He was hatched from an egg Vinata laid. He has the head, wings, talons, and beak of an eagle and the body and limbs of a man. He has a white face, red wings and golden body. When he was born he was so brilliant that he was mistaken for Agni, the god of fire, and worshipped.

Garuda was born with a great hatred for the evil and he is supposed to roam about the universe devouring the bad, though he spares Brahmins as his parents had forbidden him to eat them. Garuda is also well-known for his aversion to snakes, a dislike he had acquired from his mother, Vinata. There is a story behind this hatred of Garuda’s mother. As it is quite interesting it is told hereafter.




Kashyap, Garuda’s father, had two wives: Kadru, the elder, and Vinata, Garuda’s mother, the younger. There was great rivalry between the two wives. They could not stand each other. Once, they had an argument over the color of the horse Uchchaisravas, produced during the Churning of the Ocean just after the time of creation. Each chose a color and laid a wager on her own choice. The one who lost would become the other’s slave. Kadru proved to be right and, as part of the agreement, imprisoned Vinata in the nether regions, Patala, where she was guarded by serpents. The serpents are, according to another myth, the sons of Kadru herself.

Garuda, on hearing of his mother’s imprisonment, descended to Patala and asked the serpents to release Vinata. They agreed to do so and demanded as ransom a cup of amrita (ambrosia). So Garuda set off for the celestial mountain where the amrita was kept. Before he could get to the amrita he had to overcome three hazards set up by the gods to guard the celestial drink. First, Garuda came upon a ring of flames fanned by high winds. They roared and leapt up to the sky but Garuda drank up several rivers and extinguished the flames. Next, Garuda came upon a circular doorway. A very rapidly spinning wheel with sharp spikes on the spokes guarded it. Garuda made himself very small and slipped through the turning spokes. Lastly, Garuda had to defeat two fire-spitting serpents guarding the amrita. He flapped his wings rapidly and blew dust into the eyes of the monsters and blinded them. Then he cut them to pieces with his sharp beak. So Garuda finally reached the amrita and started to fly back with it to the nether regions but the gods anticipated his purpose and gave chase. Indra, king of the gods, struck him with his thunderbolt but Garuda proved a superior warrior and defeated the gods and continued unscathed on his journey to Patala.

When the serpents got the amrita they were overjoyed and released Vinata. Garuda got his mother back but he became an inveterate enemy of the serpents, the sons of his mother’s rival Kadru. Also the serpents, the Nagas, symbolized evil and that automatically invoked Garuda’s hatred.

As end-piece to this myth it must be told that, as the Nagas were about to consume the amrita Garuda had just brought them, the chasing gods entered Patala and Indra seized and took away the cup of amrita. Anyway, the serpents had just had time enough to lick a few drops of amrita and this was enough to make them immortal. Also, since the celestial drink was very strong, their tongues were split and that is why, to this day, serpents have forked tongues.


by Sumanta Sanyal


She’s a living legend. She’s received 8 Lifetime Achievement Awards, and she’s an icon of television as well as the subject of many tattoos. Her name? Betty White, and at 93, she truly is a Golden Girl that has touched fans all across the world.

So what would happen if she met just a few of the fans who got her portrait tattooed on her?

Check out her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and see how she reacts when she meets ’em.


You can have sight yet still be blind. In the same breath, vision with no ambition is a waste of talent. With each passing day brings about an opportunity to go out and explore not only the world, but your options, your talents and yourself. You see, self awareness is the key to living a compelling and complete life but first you have to focus on what you really want. You need to do some soul searches and find out what makes you happy and what defines the life of your dreams.

We all dream. We all have visions, but what separates the dreamers from the achievers is the ambition to make a change in your life. Whether that change comes in the form of being kinder, richer, or a better artist, the choice is yours.

Here’s a prime example that proves that there’s much to gain after a significant loss. After losing his vision, this guy thought that a blind man who paints would be absurd. But through a little creative measures, and much practice, he is now an artist whose work has achieved mass appeal. He know showcases at galleries and one of his pieces can be found hanging inside the residence of Steven Speilberg.


Here’s an interesting scenario, a client came in with an unfinished tattoo. The piece was supposed to be of a woman in a sombrero but for reasons unbeknownst to us, the former artist apparently refused to finish the piece. So the client then came to us and asked us if we could help, and resident artist Andy Pho was more than happy to help fill in the blanks. Here’s the outcome.


Sombrero and hair by tattoo artist Andy Pho


Here’s a new killer piece by artist Fernie Andrade. This tattoo was done just last week and it sports Greek themed ink work of famous images and statuary from back in the day. Not only is the work amazing, but the imagery is powerful. It’s been said that the feet are the foundation of everything you stand for and we’re firm believers in that.


Keep your eyes in the stars and your feet on the ground. 

As the old adage goes, you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. That quote means a lot to anyone living or breathing and it also holds relevancy to your art, your style and in the end the mark you’ll make on this earth. What I love most about tattoos is the character it brings to the human body. This tattoo for example accentuates what would otherwise be just a pale, bare leg. Now it’s a piece of art that carries both form and function and the addition of the new tattoo is slowly tying the whole leg piece together.


If you had a chance to remove an unwanted tattoo would you? Would you laser a tattoo? Is there a cream I can use to remove a tattoo? These are questions we’ve heard time and time again and for the most part the answer is probably yes we’d remove a tattoo, and if we did so we’d use a laser.

Even if your ink work has been pretty well planned out from the get go, there’s still going to be a slim chance that you may want to remove something from the past. Whether, it’s an ex’s name, a tattoo that a no longer holds meaning, or artistic value, there’s a ton of reasons that could coincide with the decision to do so.




If you had to remove a tattoo which one would it be?

We’ve also seen our fair share of horror stories and the best are actually funny and ironic. People walking in with in with misspelled quotes (and names) is pretty common but the one time a gang banger walked in because the tattoo artist he went to spelled his gang name wrong. Needless to say we didn’t want to ask him what happened to the tattoo artist he used but we could only imagine.

On another note, getting laser tattoo removal is no walk in the park. The pain you’ll feel is also dependent upon your pain threshold. We’ve seen grown men break down and shudder and we’ve seen women take it like a champ. Then again, if you can give birth to a newborn child then we couldn’t imagine tattoo removal being a walk in the park.

*on a side note…we didn’t do that tattoo of the rose on the header bar. 


Aside from the Roseland Ballroom in New York (and Asheville North Carolina several years back), I can’t remember the last time I attended a major tattoo convention. Looking back, I think the last show I went to may have been Ink & Iron and that was way back in 2008 so it was refreshing to be able to hit up Musink this past weekend.


Family affair.


As with any show, I had the pre show jitters but once I got there I felt like I was back at home. With friends, family and familiar faces all around, it was good to be back and this years show was definitely  memorable because I had the family there to hold me down. Although I was only able to attend for a day it was definitely a good time. I got to see a lot of old friends and meet quite a few new ones and all I can say is a lot of stuff changed in the years that have past. There’s plenty of new faces, new artists and it’s good to see that our industry is growing.


 The mandatory surprise selfie.



I gotta say thanks again to the Skin Design Fam for holding down the fort at Musink. I’m honored that both Fernie and Vic took home awards for their work and it’s well deserved because they’ve definitely put in the time, effort and dedication to master their craft. Till next time…be blessed and we’ll see you all soon! – RP


Monte posted and ready for the next session.


You gotta love it.







More photos to come soon. Please check back in later….