As a kid I used to watch The Jetsons, and as a teen I was obsessed with Back to the Future. The thought of flying cars filled my imagination and I even believed that by the year 2000, we’d live in some sort of space-age utopia filled with insane flying machines. I was wrong.

Fast forward to present day, we’ve definitely got some cool technology that’s made us more dependent and lazy, but this new invention is as cool as it downright scary. The geniuses over at MIT have recently unveiled — or rather, unfolded — an origami-like drone that weighs exactly 0.01 ounces. Now if you’re not good with the measurements of weight then that simply means that it’s 1/3 the weight of a single sheet of paper. The drone can fold itself up, swim and it can even self destruct.

If you want the scientific nerd facts of this incredible invention then click here.